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May 2020 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:
As manufacturing industry restarts globally, and attempts to return to work under new rules and conditions, we are all becoming aware of the impending economic impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have in coming months. With companies operating in both aerospace and automotive sectors announcing consolidations, plant closings and employee lay-offs, we start to imagine the impact that will inevitably fall to the metrology sector. With its two largest customer sectors struggling to gather pre-pandemic momentum we can only hope that the early economic predictions of a V-shape recovery are correct.

Looking back at past recessions the metrology sector has always been one of the first to witness a slow-down and one of the last to return to previous economic activity levels. We can only hope this recession, if it comes, does not follow past trends and the V-shaped recovery actually happens. We all have a role to play in kick-starting economic confidence when we get released from the shackles of lock-down.

May was to have been the month of the annual Control Expo in Stuttgart Germany where metrology equipment and service suppliers come together to showcase their latest developments, technology and announce all that is new including partnerships and acquisitions. Many companies have taken their individual ‘shows’ online this month with virtual showrooms, online seminars, presentations and enhanced video product showcases; the level of initiatives have been impressive – hopefully they have all been well attended to justify the investment and commitment. With exhibitions continuing to be cancelled for many months to come many of these individual initiatives could shape the future of product marketing. To this end Metrology News has now surpassed 8000 followers on Linkedin and continues to grow daily readership levels.

Over 70 articles were published in May with this month’s editorial focus being Big Data. The full list of published May articles can be reviewed by clicking here. 

Enjoy the read – stay safe!

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

ScanCobot Provides Easy Entry Into Automated 3D Measurement

For the first time, the 3D metrology specialist GOM introduces a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot. Equipped with a motorized rotation table and powerful software, including a virtual measuring room, GOM ScanCobot offers an easy entry into automated 3D measurement technology. The measuring station is combined with GOM’s … read more

Gear Inspection Drives Onto The Shop-Floor

Gleason are adding significant value to shop floor gear inspection, addressing shop floor bottlenecks including waiting time for gear lab availability or higher quality demands regarding gear noise, power density, and reliability with the availability of two new solutions. Gear Lab Integrates Into the Production Flow The Gleason 300GMSP Gear Inspection System … read more

Quality Data – The Fuel Of The Modern World

In order to fully realize your data’s potential in the pursuit of increased productivity and efficiency, three factors in particular are crucial: companies need to collect the right data and ensure a seamless transfer of information across the entire value creation chain so that ultimately this can be properly correlated … read more

Data Collection Improves Quality Of Manufacturing Processes

Over the years, manufacturing industries have implemented several process improvements in order to guarantee high quality products and reduce costs, but there is still room for improvement. A huge potential is represented by data collection … read more

Robot-Based Optical Inspection System Offers 80% Process Savings

AutoInspect is a robot-based optical system, from 3D.Aero, equipped with high end sensor technology and intelligent algorithms that enables the digitization of crack inspection operations with the highest precision. The system combines robotics, white light interferometry (WLI) technology for precise surface measurement and artificial intelligence for smart defect classification. This allows … read more

Measuring Technology Provides E-Mobility Production Key

The Volkswagen components plant in Salzgitter, Germany manufactures important components for the APP 310, an electric drive which will make electromobility accessible to a wide range of customers starting this year. The drive’s innovative hairpin stator concept presented entirely new challenges for quality assurance. The answer came in the form … read more


Plan Devised To Reduce 3D Metal Printing Defects

Combining high-fidelity computer simulations with ultra-high-speed X-ray imaging, researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) have discovered a strategy for reducing or even eliminating defects in parts built through a common, laser-based metal 3D-printing process. In work published by the journal Science, a research team at LLNL, along with collaborators at … read more


High-Precision System Enables Real Time 3D Part Inspection

Conventional measurement systems such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) are typically utilized for quality control in various industries. Most traditional contact based inspection systems are characterized by long measurement cycle times. Changeovers to measure other parts and the attendant programming also add to the delay. Further, contact based measurement technologies … read more

GOM Launch Interchangeable Lens 3D Scanner For Complex Inspection Tasks

GOM’s new ATOS Q is a powerful 3D scanner for complex inspection tasks. The light and flexible system is equipped with interchangeable lenses suitable for small to medium-sized parts and comes with the latest GOM software. When it comes to product quality assurance and process optimization, many companies rely on GOM’s … read more

Metrology Executive Joins ECM – Global Measurement Solutions

ECM – Global Measurement Solutions has announced that Pete Edmonds will be joining the privately-owned, global, metrology services company as Vice President of Business Development effective May 2020. Pete Edmonds will be joining ECM from FARO Technologies, where he spent the last two decades climbing the ranks from Senior Account Manager … read more

Simplified CT Solution Negates Specialized X-Ray Knowledge

Yxlon International has launched a completely new operating concept with its innovative YXLON UX20 universal x-ray and CT system. Specialized x-ray knowledge is no longer mandatory. Now, even untrained personnel can easily achieve optimal inspection results. This is made possible by the award winning YXLON Geminy software platform, which combines … read more

Making Sound Visible Leads To Improved Products

Acoustic cameras are widely regarded as powerful tools for the localization of unwanted noise in products and processes. Engineers from product development, manufacturing and maintenance who are blessed with having access to such technology, appreciate the added value of visual information for implementing highly effective technical solutions. In addition, engineering … read more

ITER’s Reliance On Laser Tracker Metrology

Over the next four years, ITER components arriving from hundreds of factories on three continents will have to come together very precisely, to submillimetre accuracy, in some cases. To achieve this level of precision, an expert team of metrologists is needed. John Villanueva is one of the experts of the ITER … read more

Sweet Sound of X-Ray CT Scanning Creates An Epilogue

Nikon Metrology was contracted to perform a CT scan on a treasured 18th-century Venetian violin from the Oberlin Violin Makers Foundation. With Nikon’s advanced non-destructive technology, the violin was able to be imaged from all angles, helping today’s music makers understand how these magnificent instruments were created hundreds of years … read more

Difference Between Laser Radar and LIDAR

“What’s the difference between Laser-Radar and LIDAR technology?” It’s a question without a simple answer. In this article John Smits, Gary Confalone, and Tom Kinnare of East Coast Metrology (ECM) explain. Confusion between the two is understandable. Their names are nearly synonymous and the terms are often used interchangeably. The acronyms … read more

Structured Light Probe Adds CMM Versality

The RFP fringe probe from Renishaw, is for use with the REVO 5-axis measurement system on coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), increasing the multi-sensor capability of the REVO system by adding non-contact structured light inspection to the existing product range. REVO now offers five different probe families, each specifically designed to maximize … read more

Coordinate Metrology Society and Precision Path Consortium Launch 3D Measurement Industry Survey

The Coordinate Metrology Society (CMS) in collaboration with the Precision Path Consortium (PPC) has announced the official launch of their 3D Measurement Industry-at-large Survey. Users, managers, experts, or novices in the field of 3D measurement are urged to take the survey being offered until August 31, 2020. The study is conducted solely … read more

Wenzel Extend Shop-Floor CMM Measuring Range

Wenzel has launched a new, large measuring volume, shop-floor coordinate measuring machine (CMM) with a measuring volume of 1200 mm x 1500 mm x 1000 mm. The new SF1210 model is stated to be Wenzel’s answer to the trend of bringing metrology closer to production when measuring larger parts. The … read more