Marposs Announce Radio Transmission Scanning Probe For On-Machine Part Measurement

Marposs has announced the availability of its new WRSP60 high accuracy scanning probes for checking part profiles directly on machining centers and milling machines in real-time. Parts can be checked for defects without being transferred to a measurement lab, eliminating the need to reload and reposition the part for any necessary reworking, improving the process and optimizing cycle time.

The WRSP60 probes can be used to check the quality of the part profile, compensate for part misalignment, perform surface deformation checks providing compensation information for the cutting program, perform comparisons with the Master, check the run out, and enable the “touch” necessary for positioning the part; operations that are impossible with touch probes or that would result in greatly increased cycle times.

The system transmits the data via radio to a WRI receiver, using a communication protocol that offers excellent immunity to interference and reduced power consumption. The data are collected, analyzed and displayed by a proprietary Marposs’ software package.  The WRSP60 also features a multi-channel system that enables the same receiver to manage up to 12 systems sequentially, including Marposs WRS part contact probes.

The scanning probes have a transmission range of 15 meters, making them well-suited for large machines. They provide measurement performance on 3D surfaces with unidirectional repeatability within 0,4 µm and a better life of 80 hours continuous operation. The WRSP60 is part of the Mida Diamond line of high precision machine tool touch probes and tool setters designed to control every step of the production process. Advantages of the Mida Diamond probing line include reduced machining and checking times, increased production efficiency, reduced production rejects, and constant machining quality level during the entire production process.

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