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Marposs Announce 2020 Henry Ford Technology Award Success

Marposs has announced that its Artis CTM Tool and Process Monitoring System has played a role in a 2020 Henry Ford Technology Award (HFTA) winning program focused on Torque Monitoring of Gear Machining Processes, one of 14 projects receiving this award. The Marposs monitoring solution helped Ford to achieve a 30-80% in tool life improvement for approximately 25% ROI.

The Artis CTM solution used hob cutting spindle power draw to predict tool wear and signal tool change when programmed power limits were met. Spindle power was correlated to hob cutter wear and used to optimize the number of cutting cycles prior to cutter change. In addition to tool life, the monitoring system helped to detect machine degradation in workholding, hob collet clamping, outboard support bearing as well as detection of incoming gear blanks with oversized bores that cause part slippage and scrap.  The monitoring solution has been applied across all of Ford’s transmission facilities.

The HFTA award offerglobal recognition of technical achievements that have been implemented into Ford products by its employees, and includes Research, Business Process and Methodology, Product Development, and Manufacturing.

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