March 2020 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

What a month March turned out to be as the world is beset by the COVID-19 virus. With all exhibitions and conference events now shut-down for the foreseeable future, and a large percentage of those engaged in the metrology sector now home-working, the internet and its tools has taken on an even more critical role as both principle communication tool and marketing outreach vehicle. It’s good to see so many companies adapting quickly to the crisis and amending their sales and support activities to virtual and on-line models. This has become the ideal time for all to use any spare time to get better educated and informed such that when we eventually return to normal working we are better equipped and more knowledgeable to perform our respective functions.

The role of Metrology News is increasing in importance during this period by keeping readers informed on sector news in their temporary home offices. Metrology News is planning the launch of a new ‘BE IN CONTROL’ section over the coming weeks highlighting the new product introductions, originally planned to be announced, at the now cancelled annual International CONTROL exhibition in Stuttgart.

Not surprisingly March has set another readership record for Metrology News page views as the only daily source for up-to-date sector news. The March editorial focus was Coordinate Measuring Machines; featured CMM posts included the “Multi-Sensor CMM – One Machine Measure All”, “Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine Launched”“Multi Sensor CMM  Provides Total Metrology Performance”, “Horizontal CMM Inspects Next generation Automotive Fixtures” and many others which can all be viewed by clicking here. Over 60 articles in total have been posted in March which included “Optical 3D inspection Takes Off In Aerospace Industry”, “Automated Rivet Hole Inspection and 3D Measurement”, “Using Metrology For Motorbike Optimization”, “What Role Will Laser Trackers Play In The Future of Manufacturing”. The full list of March articles can be reviewed by clicking here

Let us all hope that economies bounce back relatively quickly from the current situation and we can get 2020 back on normal track.

Enjoy the read – stay safe!

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Multi-Sensor CMM – One Machine Measures All

Advanced coordinate measuring equipment has traditionally been classified into three main categories of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), optical digitizers and scanners (ODS), and video measuring machines (VMMs). Originally the three coordinate measuring products were principally focused in different market sectors: CMM – machined, stamped, fabricated and medium and large plastic parts … read more

Wide Area Coordinate Measuring Machine Launched

Keyence has launched a wide area coordinate measuring machine. The Keyence WM series allows precision measurements over a large area by just touch the part with the Bluetooth 5 wireless hand-held measuring probe providing portable inspection on the plant floor or in the laboratory. The WM CMM can measure up … read more

Optical 3D Inspection Takes Off In Aerospace Industry

Nadcap accreditation is globally recognized as a company’s commitment to excellence and a trusted symbol of compliance. GOM’s service provider Physical Digital in the UK is the world’s first company to be awarded with Nadcap accreditation for measurement and inspection using 3D Structured Light (3DSL) scanners. To meet the standard, … read more

Multi-Sensor CMM Provides Total Metrology Performance

Though multi-sensor metrology offers unmatched speed and accuracy in manufacturing quality control, traditional coordinate measurement methods remain a staple of countless production operations. There are several explanations for such a paradox, not least because some businesses have simply never known any different – and why change something that’s generally served … read more

Automated Rivet Hole Inspection and 3D Measurement

The high-precision riveting process in aircraft assembly includes drilling, countersinking, and rivet installation. Repeated hundreds of thousands of times on the aircraft body, every step in this process contributes to the structural integrity of the aircraft and to minimizing unnecessary aerodynamic drag. This is why strict tolerances apply to the … read more

Polyrix – Automated Metrology Simplified

PolyScan Surround 3D Scanners have no moving parts. They provide full dimensional 3D data faster than conventional systems, without any trajectory programming. Deviation maps can also be projected back on the part, enabling intuitive dimensional feedback. Read more …




Using Metrology For Motorbike Optimization

KTM AG is Europe’s leading high-performance street and off-road sport motorcycle manufacturer based in Mattighofen, Austria. Over the years, KTM has built a reputation as a fierce competitor on racetracks around the world. With an established presence in the off-road segments, KTM has progressed through the world of street motorcycles, … read more

What Role Will Laser Trackers Play In The Future of Manufacturing

During his tenure at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) from 1982 to 1987, Dr. Kam Lau invented the laser tracker that allows robot accuracies to be determined. To advance this technology, Dr. Lau founded Automated Precision, Inc. (API) in 1987 and continues to be the CEO and CTO … read more

Third Dimension Announces Next Generation Gap Gun

Third Dimension has announced its next generation of Gap Gun taking the industry standard to a new level. The GapGun Pro2 and T series sensor heads are designed for the increasing needs of automotive metrology and quality control professionals.  A dedicated team of engineers have spent 3 years to build … read more

On-Machine Measurement Software Partnership

Applied Automation Technologies, Inc. (AAT) and DMG MORI USA Inc. have announced a partnership for on-machine measuring software. They will offer this innovative technology as a solution within the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) program. Having the ability to perform coordinate measurement machine (CMM) measurement and metrology tasks is an important … read more

Faro CAM2 Subscription Model

New Subscription Model Offered With FARO CAM2 Software

FARO has announced the latest iteration of its CAM2 2020 Software. The release includes a variety of performance and user interface improvements, new features and a new subscription licensing option. Users can now achieve greater control over their full manufacturing process at a lower up-front cost in this latest iteration … read more

Horizontal CMM Inspects Next Generation Automotive Fixtures

Materialise Group spin-off RapidFit has deployed a horizontal-arm co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufactured by LK Metrology to check the accuracy of bespoke gaging and holding fixtures produced for the automotive industry. Based in Leuven, Belgium, RapidFit has reduced costs and lead-times by making use of additive manufacturing (AM) to produce workpiece … read more