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This month’s editorial focus at Metrology News was coordinate measuring machines. We focused on the increasing use of CMMs on the shop-floor and production gauging. A number of new coordinate measuring machine products introductions were featured this month including the new ceramic 5 axis CMM from LK Metrology, color optical CMM from Keyence, high accuracy multi-sensor CMM from Mitutoyo; 3DGage arm from Verisurf and shopfloor photogrammetry solution for large volume parts from Hexagon. In total over 70 articles have been posted in March todate making it the most productive month ever for Metrology News. Our readership continues to increase with Google Search driving more than 7,000 new visitors to the site this month.

Published articles this month included “Artificial Intelligence To Drive Intelligent Production”, “Measurement Technology – Smart Eye For Production, “Will Industry 4.0 Create The Dark Factory?, “Common Form Measurement Problems” and “Out of Tolerance Equipment: Handling and Importance of Calibration Data.  Other new product introductions this month included “Scanning Laser Tracker”, “Low Cost Task Orientated Robot”, and “Hand Held Scanner with built-in touch screen”. Metrology exhibition season continues in full swing with the upcoming Automate in Chicago and Control in Stuttgart showcasing the very latest in robotic solutions and metrology technology. All of the primary upcoming events can be found in the Metrology News events calendar.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Artificial Intelligence To Drive Intelligent Production

Transporters find their way through factory halls on their own, plants optimize their power consumption during live operation, and machines perform quality-control checks – and make the necessary adjustments – while manufacturing is still in progress. Artificial intelligence offers tremendous potential for industry. It’s already making production more efficient, more … read more

X-ray CT Inspection for Medical Implants

The following case study is published with permission from its author, Prof Anton du Plessis This study was performed to demonstrate how routine X-ray CT inspection adds value to medical implant production, ensuring quality and reliability. This particular case is for 3D printed (additively manufactured) titanium hip and knee implants but … read more

High Accuracy Multi-Sensor Optical CMM Launched

Mitutoyo has added a new high-end model, Miscan Vision, to its portfolio of multi-sensor CNC vision systems. The Miscan Vision System is available in Apex and Hyper versions and combine very precise non-tactile measurement with high measurement throughput with highly accurate tactile scanning measurement. In recent years, the need for intricate … read more

Automated Foundry 3D Quality Control

Optical quality inspection is a particular challenge for cast parts with complex geometries or rough surfaces. With VINSPEC 3D INLINE, the Wiesbaden, Germany based image processing specialist VITRONIC offers a fully automatic inspection system that scans the surfaces of complex components such as crankcases or cylinder heads. The system inspects integrated … read more

Measurement Technology – Smart Eye For Production

Today’s production managers require greater flexibility for small batch size production and tight tolerances. On many production lines, the use of measurement technology for quality assurance is still realized off-line. Inspection equipment is often located at the end of a production chain and the quality of a component is only determined … read more

Predicting the Performance of Agile Additive Manufacturing Designs with CT

Additive manufacturing (AM) is one of the most revolutionary processes to come along in many years, making a dramatic impact on the industrial market. Also known as 3D printing, AM is a manufacturing technique that builds objects layer by layer using materials such as polymers, metals, and composites. This fast-evolving … read more

CNC Shop Floor Gauge Reduces Inspection Time 85%

At the Tremec Queretaro plant, near Mexico City, transmission systems are produced for Daimler, Volvo, GM, John Deere and CNH. Tremec decided that its manufacturing process could be improved considerably, since the process control of parts was taking far too long. With a new Daimler gear project it decided to … read more

Portable 3D Scanner Saves Astronomical Time

From January to the end of October 2018, the Old Town Astronomical Clock in Prague underwent a restoration project. The goal of the restoration work was to give the watch its original look and original tuners of the 1960s. During the Second World War, the astronomical clock was hit by bullets … read more

Shop Floor CMMs Monitor Production Quality

With the current closed loop manufacturing trend, the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is finding a new role as a flexible production gauge adjacent to the machine tool or production process. With the advent of Industry 4.0, the CMM remains a highly accurate, flexible measuring device capable of delivering to the …read more



Master3DGage Arm Provides Shop Floor In-Process Inspection

The Master3DGage development team has announced the all New, third generation, Master3DGage – the affordable and portable rapid 3D inspection and reverse engineering solution that enables machine shops to increase efficiency, improve part quality, and reduce scrap. The complete hardware/software solution delivers automated ‘in-process’ inspection right to the shop floor, … read more

5-Axis Ceramic-Bridge CMM Launched

LK Metrology, has announced its SCANtek 5 range of coordinate measuring machines (CMM). The LK high precision ALTERA model coordinate measuring machines has been coupled with Renishaw’s REVO-2 5 axis scanning scanning system and multi-sensor technology to offer manufacturers a powerful solution for inspecting the dimensional accuracy and surface finish …read more

Dedicated Shopfloor Photogrammetry Solution

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched its DPA INDUSTRIAL, featuring the new C1 Camera in combination with the well-established AICON DPA Series photogrammetry measurement system. Designed to make photogrammetric measurement simple and rugged enough to allow inexpert operation in inhospitable workshop conditions, DPA INDUSTRIAL is set to establish itself as … read more

High Accuracy Color 3D Scanning CMM Launched

Keyence has announced the launch of its new VL Series of 3D Scanner CMM. The blue structured light scanner offers full 360 degree measurement and claims fully-traceable measurements of ±10 μm accuracy with 2 µm repeatability. Conventional 3D scanners generally are unable to capture color information from a surface, the VL …read more

Accurate | Simple | Expandable Optical µCMM

Based on the technology of focus variation, the optical coordinate measuring system µCMM from Bruker Alicona combines advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology and non-contact surface measurement. Complex component geometries with the smallest tolerances are easily accessible and can be measured with the highest accuracy using only one sensor. The Alicona …read more

Metrology-Grade Scanning Laser Tracker Launched

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has launched the Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600, a new laser tracker line. The new product introduces a new concept in metrology-grade laser trackers, with targetless 3D scanning possible for the first time, directly from the laser tracker. The ATS600 can scan a surface with metrological accuracy from …read more

Common Form Measurement Problems

Form is a relatively easy to detect feature in many ways: after the measurement, the data is filtered to determine the results. It is one of the most basic measurements in support of many manufacturing processes – but some steps are still performed erroneously again and again … read more

Robot Accuracy Determination Goes Full Circle

Laser Tracker inventor, Dr Kam Lau – CEO of API Metrology, recently explained his background that led to the Laser Tracker invention. Its original purpose – to determine the performance of industrial robots. Now some 35 years later the Laser Tracker is taking center stage in robot calibration and dynamic … read more

Polyworks Conference USA | 2019

The annual PolyWorks Conference USA|2019 allows user to gain new PolyWorks skills, hear new ideas, network with like-minded people, and grow their passion for 3D metrology. This year’s 2-day PolyWorks event will take place 24 -25 April at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, Michigan. The conference features a new product launch … read more

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