Manufacturing Process Control Cockpit Overviews Production Quality

Automated processes need to be controlled in order to achieve optimum quality. ISRA Vision has released its Enterprise Production Management Intelligence (EPROMI) software to provide management with integrated reporting and actionable data.

Production data must be available quickly and easily to enable manufacturers to be adaptable and make optimum production decisions. Higher-level software architecture is capable of gathering data from various sources and compiling individual reports and yield statistics to identify optimization potential for decision-makers at all company levels. Tailor-made data cockpits provide specific answers for the production process and make controlling global production easier than ever.

In light of the digitization of the production environment, connecting and analyzing data from different sources is becoming ever more important. It is the most efficient way that manufacturers can receive the information necessary for optimizing their productivity, ensuring the best possible yields, even with the increasing degree of complexity. Customized reports can be used to analyze and evaluate the entire manufacturing process.

Enterprise PROduction Management Intelligence EPROMI software from Isra Vision AG provides a solution for these tasks.

The EPROMI software gathers all data from the connected systems and is capable of sorting, preparing, and visualizing the most important data rapidly. Information on products and processes is aggregated, organized, and combined in a central database. Multiple users can access the latest measuring data simultaneously and use it to complete various tasks in the company. EPROMI offers maximum process transparency and significantly contributes towards secure data transfer within companies.

EPROMI makes it possible to analyze various production and quality data, condense it across processes, and use it to provide valuable information on defect types, defect causes, and process shortcomings. The specific data is prepared for users in user-friendly ECockpits and is globally available. Results are shown directly on PC workstation, tablet and smartphones. User interfaces are specifically tailored to the requirements of the particular industry and provide appropriate response to industry-specific issues. In addition to standardized templates, the solution also includes customized graphs that can be adapted by customers to suit specific requirements. Individual ECockpits can be grouped into an EGallery and intuitively be arranged using drag and drop.

Defect trends can be identified inline, while the system supports yield management and decision-making at management level through aggregated reports. Process problems can be identified and eliminated before resulting in additional cost or waste. The solution thus enables manufacturers with highly automated production lines to achieve maximum production yields and efficiently provide optimum insights on processes and products at any time.

EPROMI uses the entire wealth of data of the production line allowing users to benefit from a precise overview of their production processes and control productivity and yield at all times. Combined with network-enabled inspection technology EPROMI provides the basis for closely networked and Industry 4.0 compatible production.

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