Manual CMM Upgrade Kit from Renishaw

Renishaw has announced the launch of its MODUS 2 manual CMM upgrade kits. These enable manual CMM users to increase productivity, reduce inspection lead times and optimize the operation of their manual machine with a retrofit supplied and supported directly by Renishaw.

The MODUS 2 MMI (Manual Machine Interface) provides an easy to use tool to access sophisticated measurement capability, making it readily usable to both expert and occasional users. The software, which supports the complete range of Renishaw’s CMM touch trigger probes, displays the full virtual environment, including the manual CMM, the probe head and the part fixture, if present. A series of prompts guide the user through the inspection sequence if an inspection program exists for the part. If there is no existing program, MODUS 2 offers a choice of measurement methods: selecting the feature either from the CAD model or the Inspection toolbox, or simply taking points on the feature and allowing the software to automatically detect the feature type.

To complement the software, Renishaw has compiled a number of competitively priced kits that include controller, software, 3 axes of encoder components and foot-switch. The manual upgrade boosts the CMM’s capability and usability, allowing quicker and easier machine operation. To optimize interaction MODUS 2 supports a touch-screen monitor that provides a more convenient alternative to using a mouse. Additionally, the 3-way foot-switch included in the kits allows hands-free interaction for many frequently used functions.

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