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Managing Process Variation With ‘Golden-Part’ Profile Comparison

In a real-world production process, the manufacturing engineer may need to compare profile scans generated from manufactured parts to a “golden” contour, in order to measure variation and identify non-conformance.

For example, industrial extruders produce a continuous stream of material with a designated target shape. Using an LMI Gocator laser line profiler, and the built-in Profile Template Matching tool, users can compare the extruder output material against the desired, “golden” shape in order to ensure 100% part quality.

In the browser-based Gocator interface, the user simply applies the Profile Template Matching tool to align the live 3D profile to a master or “golden” template profile. Once the tool is applied, it returns measurements that represent any variation (i.e., surface defects) between the live profile and the master.

In the data viewer, the three profiles are rendered in a preset color scheme. The master profile is rendered in white, the aligned profile is rendered in blue, and the live profile is rendered in red. Users have the option to output the data as either an ‘Aligned’ or ‘Difference’ profile to other tools for measurement.

When the aligned profile closely matches the master profile, the resulting difference profile registers minimal variation within, the specified tolerance, and part conformance is verified which the sensor classifies this as a Pass. When the aligned profile deviates from the master profile the variation is recorded in the resulting difference profile and part non-conformance is detected. The sensor records this as a Fail.

The built-in Gocator sensor Profile Template Matching tool is able to accurately verify whether individual parts are in conformance with a master or “golden” part in order to ensure 100% quality control. Variation between the scanned part and the master is automatically captured and tagged with a Fail control decision that the sensor can seamlessly communicate to external factory machinery. The Profile Template Matching tool also provides robust inspection on parts regardless of their position and angle.

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