Mahr Launches New “Step Up to the Latest Technology” Trade-In Program

Mahr, Inc has announced its new “Step Up to the Latest Technology” trade-in program. The program is running through the end of 2019, and provides a cost efficient way for users to turn in older products to receive a discount off new Mahr technologies that improve the speed, productivity and precision of the measuring station. The program also includes the trade in of select competitive products, as well as disposal of old devices.

“Step Up to the Latest Technology” provides a significant discount with the trade in of outdated form and surface metrology products, as well as Mahr software. Eligible new products include Mahr’s wide range of precision metrology products that are proven to provide unprecedented levels of speed, flexibility and intelligent ease of use, allowing users to improve manufacturing quality with faster throughput and higher accuracy. This contains the new MarSurf line, including CD series surface finish and contour measurement systems, GD series for roughness measurements and the variable-drive VD series, as well as the all new MMQ 400-2 universal form measuring machine.

Additionally, Microsoft recently announced that it is ending extended support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. Mahr’s new trade-in program offers an incentive for customers with older software that may be affected by this change to upgrade to newer software.

“At Mahr, we are dedicated to serving the industry’s precision measurement needs,” said Brett Green, Vice President of Sales Americas and CEO of Mahr, Inc. “The new ‘Step up to the Latest Technology’ program illustrates our ongoing commitment by offering customers the opportunity to trade in existing form and surface metrology equipment, as well as software, to receive substantial discounts on new Mahr equipment and software.”

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