Mahr Formtester Prevails Wordwide

The universal table formtester MarForm MMQ 400 from Mahr can be used for reliable and extensive workpiece testing according to DIN ISO 1101. The measuring station continues to increasingly prevail worldwide: Mahr sold 1,000 measuring stations in the past years – to industrial companies as well as to small manufacturing businesses.
For the function and durability of a work-piece, not only are the dimensions crucial, but also the form. Whether roundness, flatness, straightness, coaxiality or run-out: ever higher demands are placed especially on rotationally symmetrical work-pieces. These can be checked and maintained reliably only with highly accurate, specially optimized formtesters. This is exactly what the very successful tester MarForm MMQ 400 from Mahr has achieved during the last ten years. The measuring system enables the measurement of high-precision work-pieces, unusually long and large as well as heavy workpieces in production or in the precision measurement room.

Formtester residual error of less than 20 nm

The high-precision measurement axes in C, Z and X make every form measuring task possible. The successful tester detects form and position errors such as roundness, straightness, parallelism, concentricity, run, cylindrical shape, conical shape. At the heart of all machines are a highly accurate roundness measurement axis and horizontal and vertical straightness measuring axes in various lengths. The low-maintenance measuring station is characterized by its mechanical, highly rigid and highly accurate precision bearings of the C-axis, which profit from Mahr’s high-precision ball bearings. Their high rigidity reduces, for example, the influence of vibrations on the measurement result and at the same time have a residual error of less than 20 nm.

Contributing to the great success of the measuring station is also the fact that it meets today’s demands in the industry. Measurement sequences are automated and free from operator influence. With a protective enclosure and vibration isolation, the tester can also be used close to production.

The MMQ 400 has been continually further developed according the requirements of our customers: Mahr expanded the machine in recent years with the options of lead evaluation, roughness measurement, contour measurement, the detection of the diameter and the application camshaft. The software MarWin AdvancedForm allows maximum flexibility with simple operation and professional documentation and processing of measured data.

Nowadays, the tester operates reliably worldwide in the automotive, mechanical engineering, medical and aerospace industries, as well as in many smaller manufacturing companies.