Machine Tool Scanning Probe Provides Immediate Results

The WRSP60 scanning probe can be used to check that the profile of a newly machined part is correct and detect any surface defects directly in the machine-tool, thereby avoiding the need to transfer it to the measurement laboratory, and then reposition it in the machine if it requires subsequent reworking.

Marposs has developed the WRSP60 probe, which, due to its radio transmission system, can be used to scan parts directly on the most commonly used chip removal machine-tools. When using WSRP60 probes it is possible to perform operations that would be impossible with standard touch probes, or would result in greatly increased cycle times, such as profile quality controls, part misalignment corrections and surface deformation checks with cutting program correction, master comparisons and run-out checks, they can also be used to perform the “touch” necessary to position the part correctly.

The system interfaces with a WRI radio receiver, which communicates with a software package installed on an industrial or standard PC used to manage and display the measurement values and archive the data.

WRSP60 is available in the standard version with a 63 mm diameter body; the total length of the probe is 122 mm.
With WRSP60 it is possible to perform operations that are not possible with standard touch probes, or which would increase cycle times.
It is principally used to:
  • Check the quality of the part profile
  • Perform comparisons with a Master part
  • Check TIR, roundness and concentricity measurements
  • Provide the “touch” necessary for machine part positioning

The Marposs software can automatically provide scan results, such as form measures in the case of a circular surface or the maximum error with respect to a set tolerance when dealing with linear surfaces; more generally, it can provide a comparison with respect to the profile of a master part. Moreover, utilization of machine libraries makes it possible to write the measures of interest on CNC variables. In addition to the measurements, the system can also provide a graphical representation of the performed scan so the user is provided with an immediate and precise indication on part conditions.

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