Lumaxis Announce Custom-designed Projection Engines for 3D Inspection System OEMs

Lumaxis has announced that it will custom-design Projection Engines for manufacturers of 3D metrology inspection systems. Lumaxis’s projection engines provide manufacturers of solder paste inspection systems, microelectronics inspection systems, and 3D automated optical inspection systems with an industry-leading combination of resolution, speed, precision, reliability and design flexibility.

“By focusing exclusively on designing high-performance PEs into existing 3D metrology systems, Lumaxis is able to deliver high quality projectors within months – versus years – enabling manufacturers to bring high-end optical inspection scanners to market more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively than if they designed them internally,” said Marc Foglia, Lumaxis President.

Lumaxis, a division of NVIS, manufacturers of professional near-eye and projection displays. Lumaxis leverages more than 15 years of NVIS experience developing high-resolution, compact optical systems using Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) spatial light modulators from Forth Dimension Displays. NVIS and Forth Dimension Displays are wholly owned subsidiaries of Kopin Corporation, a global provider of wearable technologies. This relationship ensures that best practices are always maintained and competitive, cost effective, and high value products are used in the design of the projection engines.

Lumaxis’s core value proposition is offering manufacturers of 3D optical metrology inspection systems the ability to squeeze more performance out of their hardware at the same or lower cost than any other approach.

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