Long Bore Coordinate Measuring Machine Inspects Internal Features Up To 3m In Length

UK CMM Manufacturer Eley Metrology has developed a Long-Bore Coordinate Measuring Machine (LBM) ideal for use in industries that require precision measurement of long tubular components such as aero-engine shafts, oil and petroleum piping, drilling and mining parts.

Rotation parts such as critical aero engine shafts concentricity of inner and outer shaft diameters, cylindricity, wall sections, PCD’s can all be measured including bores down to 20mm in diameter.  The all air bearing design CMM can measure all internal shaft features with a single datum negating the need to move the part.

“LBM provides precision measurement of dimensions and features inside long bored components and can be supplied in lengths up to 4.5 meters. Manufacturing precision has increased, tolerances reduced and better control of measurement and uncertainty of measurement has increased hence the development of the LBM by Eley Metrology states Managing Director Jeff Eley.

The Renishaw measuring probe is mounted on a horizontal light-weight carbon fiber lance supported on the primary CMM  Z column equipped with an additional rear stabilizer. The lance can be provided up to 3 meters in length.

The LBM incorporates an all granite mechanical structure with an innovative vee-flat guide and twin master beam design and unlike most of today’s CMMs the machine offers a non-error mapped structure due to the manufacturing excellence of the granite components used. The main single piece longitudinal granite beam has a straightness and parallelism tolerance of better than 4 microns; the YZ structural components are better than 2 microns. LBM can measure to 10 micron within its measuring volume.

The Long-Bore Coordinate Measuring Machine is accuracy verified to ISO 10360 and comes with UKAS Accreditation.

The machine offers a dual probe option providing comprehensive internal and external measurement capabilities. The machine is controlled using a Renishaw UCC CNC controller providing I++ metrology software interface and seamless integration of both present and future Renishaw probing options.

The LBM can be optionally supplied equipped with a master internal and external ring gauges fixture allowing direct correlation between master and measured results.

For more information: www.eleymet.com