In-Line High Accuracy Measurement Sensor Introduced

Keyence has introduced its WI-5000 measurement sensor series which uses an area measurement principle to gathers 80,000 points of height data in just 0.13 seconds across a maximum measurement area of 10 mm × 10 mm. Couple that speed with extreme z accuracy, and you get a device capable of both inline and offline inspection. The sensors high-speed performance makes high-accuracy, in-line part inspection a reality with a repeatability of 0.1 microns.

The WI sensor utlizes principles of whitelight interferometry resulting in accurate measurement of the target shape even if its colors or materials vary in reflectivity. The WI series emits light with a wide dynamic range allowing the sensor to simultaneously measure targets with different reflectivity (such as shiny metal and dull rubbers) from a single captured image. Accurate shapes can be captured even for measurement targets made of resin or other translucent material since the process is not affected by internal reflections.

The light emitted from the light source is split in two by the beam splitter with one beam reflecting off the target and the other reflecting off the reference mirror. For each measurement point in these images, the device reads the position of the optical unit at the highest level of interference and used to determine the distance to the target.

The WI-5000 series can also be configured for off-line inspection using a dedicated mounting stand with the software providing many simplified measurement and data capture functions specifically designed for efficient and effective offline use.

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