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Launch of Virtual Control Expo – Digital Marketplace For Q.A.

As the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance, Control has positioned itself within the virtual world. Immediately after cancellation of the on-site date in May, Schall trade fair promoters took action and are now launching brand-new offerings in the form of Virtual Control. Exhibitors are presenting their trade fair highlights and product innovations for 2020 – which they were unable to showcase live this year – clearly and concisely in attractive, digital showrooms. The world’s most important trade fair for issues covering all aspects of measuring and test technology, as well as vision technology, image processing and sensor technology, is now available online around the globe for generating leads in the world of qualified professionals – 24/7.

“Fundamentally, the cancellation is totally disrupting our annual planning,” says Norbert Ludwig, managing director of Aerotech GmbH, manufacturer of motion control and positioning systems. “Virtual Control is highly beneficial for us because in the end, we’re still able to present our technical solutions to the expert visitors.” For numerous exhibiting companies, Control is the most important trade fair of the year, and the deficit caused by the coronavirus is accordingly significant.

This is why the trade fair organisers at Schall have created Virtual Control. Exhibitors at the 34th Control are now presenting their trade fair highlights and product innovations for 2020 at a single digital marketplace – clearly and concisely in attractive, digital showrooms. With the focused search engine, experts can ideally select any desired information covering the trade fair’s entire nomenclature. And thus news concerning world premieres, product innovations and services offered by QA suppliers are in the digital pole-position at the new Virtual Control, structured in an industry-optimised fashion.

“We’re very pleased that Schall has found a way to provide interested visitors with an alternative to the on-site trade fair which unfortunately had to be cancelled. The platform has generated an excellent opportunity for viewing the offerings of the exhibitors in 2020 and contacting the respective manufacturers wherever appropriate,” says Detlef Ferger, head of sales at Werth Messetechnik GmbH, manufacturer of coordinate measuring technology and industrial computer tomography.

A link to the interactive hall plans of the cancelled live edition of Control 2020 presents an insight into the actual proportions of the trade fair offerings, and at the same time offers a preview of the virtual trade fair event in the coming year.

New, Sustainable Technology Meeting Place for Control Visitors

“In particular in these highly challenging times, solutions for the production process which have a significant impact on unit costs are playing a major role. Efficient processes also make it possible to boost local value creation and make the company less dependent on fragile supply chains. Thanks to the Virtual Control trade fair, we can present our latest solutions in an appropriate setting and provide a technology meeting place for our customers and partners, as well as for new Control visitors,” exclaims Rainer Lotz, President EMEA at global player Renishaw, concerning the new opportunities provided by Control.

The world’s leading event for quality assurance has always been a driving force for technical and economically-oriented developments in the fields of industrial metrology, materials testing, analysis equipment and optoelectronics, as well as complete intelligent QA systems along with comprehensive services. The quality of the expert visitors is described by the trade fair participants as exceptionally good. Thanks to Virtual Control, interested parties can network, gather information and inspire themselves even more effectively in order to efficiently identify approaches for pending QA challenges in industrial manufacturing. Sustainability in the sense of climate and environmental protection is a further issue which is firmly linked to the values of Industry 4.0. Appropriate products and projects will also be rolled out by the exhibitors at Virtual Control, in order to provide orientation in this regard as well.

Next Level Practice-Oriented QA Solutions are Virtual

To an ever greater extent, connectivity is becoming a living reality within the trade fair landscape of P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG. “In particular during the course of this extraordinary year, Virtual Control provides exhibitors with strong benefits at comparatively low costs. In order to present their offerings on the virtual platform, exhibitors simply upload the information already available for the trade fair in the usual data formats. These are automatically networked via the content management system. With our additional new virtual offerings – which we’re expanding continuously – we’re moving up quickly to the next level of practical solutions for technological change in an unconventional manner. And thus we continue to ensure sustainable success in the field of QA – as of immediately in a virtual trade fair format as well. Schall makes trade fairs for markets, for real markets,” explains trade fair promoter Bettina Schall.

“Virtual Control is making its debut at precisely the right time, because trade fair participants need a concentrated market for their offerings in 2020,” adds Fabian Krüger, Control project manager. “Instead of setting up pseudo-realistic digital trade fair booths at great expense, we opted for a sleek dashboard design. And it’s being well accepted. Additional interactive features such as webcasts, chats and personalised matchmaking are currently being developed and will be added shortly.”

However, Virtual Control will definitely not replace personal dialogue from face to face. Not only will the QA industry be relieved when customers can be invited again next year for on-site visits and valuable, spontaneous personal contacts will once again be possible. The entire spectrum of industries wants to be showcased live, on-site, with all of its technical functions, and be able to exchange ideas and experience person to person.

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