Latest Version of GOM Inspect Software Provides CT Data Import

GOM Inspect is used as evaluation software for 3D measuring data including 3D inspection and STL mesh processing ensuring an independent evaluation of measuring results.

In the latest version of GOM Inspect, it is possible for the first time to import all common native CT data formats such as *.vgi; *.vgl; *.pcr; *.exv; *.rek, etc. into the software via drag & drop and to carry out a comprehensive shape and dimension analysis. The import and the automatic threshold value identification immediately provide an STL dataset, meaning that the complexity of nominal-actual comparisons and sampling times are significantly reduced. Working sequences are significantly accelerated and simplified by converting CT voxel data into surface data (STL mesh). The import of native CT data into the GOM Inspect software thus allows an uncomplicated evaluation of measuring data derived from another non-contact measuring process. It is possible to input data from computer tomographs such as from Wenzel, Werth, GE, Zeiss, etc. At the beginning of July, the new GOM Software version 2017, with further innovations for the CT data import, will become available.

GOM Inspect features an optimized user interface as well as add-on functionality in the area of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and airfoil inspection.

GOM provides a free download of the GOM Inspect software for unlimited use as well as a user forum, training manuals and video tutorials.

Download the free GOM Inspect software at: