Latest Robogrammetry Software Release Offers Enhanced Performance

The new GOM Software 2017 is now available which includes new and advanced features for 3D metrology, virtual measuring room (VMR), and 3D testing.

Robogrammetry allows you to capture large parts such as car bodies and side panels fast, precisely and reproducibly. To ensure process reliability when transforming measurements, robogrammetry combines robot positions and newly developed reference cubes. The reference cubes combine the properties of coded and uncoded markers. Compared to a traditional photogrammetry measurement, considerably less elements are required.

New tools for planning, checking and visualizing the exact positioning of reference cubes allows to quickly apply the cubes onto the measuring object in the most efficient way. In double robot measuring cells, the new software version automatically allocates measurement positions to the appropriate system side.

ATOS Measuring Data – Post-Processing Performance

Especially regarding photogrammetry and fine adjustment, the computation time has been significantly reduced in the GOM Software 2017, thus allowing a swift post-processing of measuring data. Particularly in projects that contain numerous measurements, a substantially higher performance can be noticed. In two evaluated customer projects containing approx. 1,200 ATOS measurements, for example, the GOM Software 2017 saved 80 % to 90 % of time for post-processing. Despite the reduced computation time, the accuracy remains just as high. Furthermore, the performance of the path optimization in the virtual measuring room was increased.

The acceleration of the workflows is also noticeable in the TRITOP system. The more images a photogrammetry project contains, the more time users save.

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