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Optically Tracked Wireless 3D Metrology Grade Scanner Launched

SHINING 3D has released its newest industrial level metrology solution at this year’s Control Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The system is comprised of three products, FreeTrak optical tracker, Freescan Trak 3D scanner, and FreeTrak Probe, which work in conjunction or separately to provide a truly comprehensive industrial scale measurement solution. Based … read more

peel 2 – Affordable Color Laser Scanner Released

The professional-range and affordable 3D scanner developer peel 3d has introduced peel 2, a new variant of its popular scanner, which features three cameras making it now possible to capture the colors of objects with an unprecedented level of scanning accuracy for a device in its price range. Two years after breaking … read more

High Precision Small Part Scanner For Quality Control

Artec 3D, has announced the addition of Artec Micro, an automated, metrology-grade desktop 3D scanner, to its portfolio of 3D scanning solutions. Equipped with cutting-edge twin cameras, Artec Micro is the company’s most accurate 3D scanner to-date. Complete with blue LED lights that are synchronized with the scanner’s dual-axis rotation … read more

Fully Automated 3-Axis VCMM Launched By Vision

Vision Engineering has launched it new LVC400 first fully automated 3-axis video measurement system at the Control Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. Ideal for measuring large components or multiple small components, quickly, easily and accurately, LVC400 offers faster measurement, high accuracy levels, and benefits from Vision Engineering’s consistent focus on ease … read more

Revolutionary Digital 3D Microscope Launched

Vision Engineering Ltd has unveiled at the Control Exhibition a revolutionary digital 3D stereoscopic display technology. Unlike traditional mono digital microscopes, Vision Engineering’s Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) creates stereo high definition 3D images, without using a monitor or requiring operators to wear headsets or specialist glasses: images ‘float’ in front … read more

Open For Production Inspection?

With the current closed loop manufacturing trend, aka Industry 4.0, the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has developed a new role offering production inspection adjacent to the machine tool or production process. The CMM remains the most accurate and flexible automatic measuring device capable of delivering to the required accuracy and … read more

Werth TomoScope XS Plus Offers Large Measuring Range With Compact Footprint

The newly introduced Werth TomoScope XS Plus enables the measurement of larger work-pieces, up to approximately 450 mm length, and smaller objects with high resolution or reduced measuring time. The new coordinate measuring machine TomoScope XS Plus with computed tomography from Werth Messtechnik provides twice the measuring volume of the TomoScope … read more

Mitutoyo Launch Cantilever Shop-Floor CMM

Shop-floor coordinate measuring machines are indispensable when it comes to quick measuring immediately after machining operations.  Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) manufacturer Mitutoyo has released at the Control Expo, Stuttgart, Germany its newly developed, compact CNC model ‘‘MiSTAR 555’’ that is perfectly suitable for this purpose. Inspecting 3D features during the manufacturing … read more

Automated Smart Fixture Solution

Verus has launched is new Auto-Rotational Fixture at the international Control Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. Suitable for use on both CMM and VCMM the unit automates the rotation of parts under inspection through 90 increments allowing the complete part inspection to be performed in one measuring set-up. Versus offer bespoke metrology … read more

Verisurf 2019 Software Introduced at Control

Verisurf Software, Inc. announced, today, at the Control Show, its new Verisurf 2019 software.  Verisurf 2019 is the latest release of the popular measurement software for automated quality inspection and reporting, scanning and reverse engineering, tool building and assembly guidance.  Enhancements in the new release focus on automated inspection and … read more

PolyWorks|DataLoop: Digitally Interconnects All Involved in 3D Measurement Processes 

InnovMetric Software has launched its 2019 release of the PolyWorks Collaborative Suite. With this release, InnovMetric unveils the new PolyWorks|ReportLoop™ for Excel solution, a product that digitally interconnects the PolyWorks Metrology Suite to Microsoft Excel to inject smart 3D inspection data within customers’ corporate inspection reports. PolyWorks|ReportLoop is a brand-new addition … read more

Track & Trace Parts With Digital Fingerprint

The traceability of individual products is proving difficult in times of strongly interlinked chains for production and global supply. For high-priced components, the industry now uses RFID labels, data matrix codes or even chemical markers for identification purposes. Yet seamless traceability of the production history also makes sense for low-cost … read more

Zeiss Report 11% Revenue Increase in Industrial Quality Segment

The ZEISS Group had a successful end to the first six months of fiscal year 2018/19 (ended 31 March 2019) and saw its revenue rise by 9 percent to EUR 3.019 billion (1st six months of 2017/18: EUR 2.773 billion). 90 percent of this sum was generated by markets outside … read more

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence Report 4% Revenue Growth

Hexagon’s Industrial Enterprise Solutions (IES) group which incorporates metrology solutions, CAD, CAM and CAE software solutions has reported net sales for the 1st quarter 2019 of 467.8 MEUR representing a 5% net sales increase. Regional organic growth was 5% in Americas, 7% in Asia, and 1% in EMEU. North America … read more

Perceptron Report 24.8% Decline in New Order Bookings

Perceptron has announced third quarter and nine month results for its 2019 fiscal year (period ended March 31, 2019). Third quarter fiscal 2019 results: Third quarter consolidated net sales were $15.6 million, a decrease of 27.1% from the third quarter of fiscal year 2018 Consolidated gross profit was $5.1 million and … read more

CAD Bridge Allows Real Time GD&T Changes To CAD

Capvidia and KOTEM have announced a new product called CAD Bridge that improves efficiency in Model-Based Enterprises at the Control Exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany. The ability to validate and change the GD&T in CAD files closes what until now has been an open loop in a Model-Based Enterprise. The KOTEM and … read more


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