Latest Generation CNC Video Measuring System Launched

Using Nikon’s proprietary optical and image processing technology, the CNC video measuring systems “NEXIV series” automatically measure dimensions of various precision parts and electronic components. By analyzing acquired images and accurately detecting edges at high speed, the systems quickly measure samples with complicated shapes.

Utilizing the high build quality and functions of the existing NEXIV VMZ-R series, the NEXIV VMZ – H3030 provides greater precision, allowing Nikon to support measurement applications that require demanding quality control.

Highly Accurate and Fast Measurements

Higher accuracy is achieved with the high precision linear encoder and motion stage offering 300 x 300 x 150mm measuring range. In addition, the fast image transfer speed (frame rate: 30 fps) and lighting control have accelerated overall measuring throughput. The high accuracy system offers the following stated measuring accuracy:

EUX, MPE, EUY MPE: 0.6 = 2L/1000μm

EUXY MPE: 0.9 + 3L/1000μm

EUZ MPE: 0.9 + L/150μm

Measurement Flexibility

With the high performance Through The Lens (TTL) Laser Autofocus, transparent samples of 0.1mm thickness can be detected. Furthermore, the ring illumination’s angle adjustment improves edge detection of complex shapes, responding to the measurement needs for samples such as machined parts, molding parts, high-density PCBs, and 300mm semiconductor wafers.

Advanced Operability and Software

Measurements can easily be performed with fewer procedures to create teaching files, as well as utilizing comprehensive functions, including “customizable screen” and “offline teaching.” The Highly valued “NEXIV VMZ-R series” software is available with the VMZ-H3030, making it possible to add functions suitable for applications such as image synthesis and analysis and generating inspection reports.

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