Latest Generation CNC Support Digital Twin

With the latest CNC generation, Sinumerik One, Siemens is presenting the essential component for the digital transformation of machine tools at EMO 2019. As a “digital native”, the controller features versatile software for the creation of corresponding digital twins. Sinumerik One is setting new benchmarks in terms of productivity with its new hardware platform. A wide range of innovative technology functions help to improve processing speed, contour accuracy and processing quality.

To increase the processing speed, the Top Speed function is available, which supports machine operation at the physical limits of the machine. In mold construction, Top Speed ensures a high degree of contour accuracy at high speeds and works hand in hand with the proven Top Surface technology function. If DYNPREC (Dynamic Precision) is activated via the High Speed Setting Cycle, even delicate parts are manufactured with maximum precision. The Intelligent Load Control (ILC) function helps to increase the dynamics of the machine. ILC takes into account the current weight of the workpiece when accelerating the machine axes and adjusts them as soon as the machine is no longer loaded to the maximum workpiece weight. Thanks to Intelligent Dynamic Control (IDC), the dynamic and control parameters for the machine axes can be balanced across the axes. When this function is set, the parameters are optimized in the working area of the machine, making the machine not just more dynamic, but also more precise. The proven CNC Sinumerik 840-D sl will also support new technology functions such as IDC and ILC, improving the processing speed, precision and accuracy of machine tools.
In addition to Sinumerik One, Siemens is also presenting the associated digital services at EMO 2019, which support machine users and machine manufacturers in the creation of a digital twin and with virtual machine commissioning. With the digital twin, unproductive activities such as running in new NC programs can be moved to the virtual world. NX Virtual Machine Tool Services support machine manufacturers and machine operators in the creation of the digital twin. From engineering and implementation through to training and support services, Siemens covers the entire lifecycle of the digital twin for the machine tool. Sinumerik One Virtual Commissioning Services offer machine tool manufacturers support when moving commissioning tasks to the virtual world. Thanks to the triad of consulting, training and implementation, machine manufacturers benefit from faster, risk-free commissioning and efficient optimization of the engineering.
The engineering basis for Sinumerik One is the TIA Portal. In this highly efficient engineering framework with modern programming languages and seamless data flow, PLC, Safety and even HMI can be configured. As the basis for all automation tasks, engineering in the TIA Portal reduces development time and therefore time-to-market.
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