Laser Tracker Calibrations Measure Record Numbers

API Services Laser Tracker Calibration Using Laser Rail

API Services has announced that it has calibrated more than 200 laser trackers in 2019 to date. API Services’, ISO 17025 accredited, laser tracker calibration facilities provide OEM factory calibration of laser trackers at its Newport News, VA; Rockville, MD; and Plymouth, MI facilities. Advanced scheduling minimizes tracker customer down-time and an optional laser tracker loaner program keeping customers measuring while the tracker is undergoing its annual calibration.

In addition, API Services certifies all brands and models of laser trackers providing an independent statement of tracker performance. API is also ISO 17025 accredited for on-site laser tracker certification services to provide a traceable accuracy statement to the B89.4.19-2006 standard.

API offers a range of annual laser tracker calibration and certification contracts. Contracts can include comprehensive repair and maintenance including parts, a loaner tracker program, and priority calibration scheduling allowing laser trackers to be kept at peak performance.

In 2020, API Services will be expanding their B89.4.19-2006 certification capabilities into their Dallas and Los Angeles offices. Beyond calibration and certification, API Services offers Laser Tracker rentals, laser tracker inspection services, and recertified preowned laser tracker units to budget conscious customers.

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