Laser Scanner Guides Adaptive Robotic Welding

Riftek has recently launched the RF627WELD laser seam tracking and measurement system enables precise control of the welding head position in robotic welding systems. The system harnesses the advanced features of Riftek’s Lamia application software, offers a choice of three РФ627Weld series 2D laser scanners to suit the required measurement area, and the RF017 series controller (or alternatively a PC) that interfaces with the customer’s welding controller.

With the laser scanner mounted on the customer’s welding robot close to to the welding torch the scanning area, located directly in front of the welding electrode, is pre-calibrated with a supplied calibration plate. Riftek’s Lamia software processes the 2D positional information received from the scanner to determine the exact coordinates of the welding joint which are then transmitted to the robot controller in real time. In this way the robot controller is able to precisely align the position of the welding torch during the welding process.

Three РФ627Weld series laser scanners feature Class 2M lasers offering various 2D scanning areas from around 22 x 24 mm to 65 x 180 mm. Linearity through each range is up to +/- 0.1% in Z-axis and +/- 0.2% in X-axis. Optional red or blue laser sources allow use with different welded materials and temperature ranges, and various operating modes allow working frequency changes for optimal sampling rates. With an IP67 sealed aluminium air or water cooled housing, changeable toughened glass windows and a splash guard included these laser scanners are based on the well proven RF627 range that guarantees durability and offer vibration, shock and temperature ratings that meet the demands for heavy industrial use.

Riftek’s multifunctional Lamia software application is designed to be used to interface its laser scanning range with automated industrial systems to provide recognition, tracking and measurement of geometric parameters or objects in real time. Perfectly suited to welding joint detection or for surface and dimensional profiling on a wide range of industrial processing tasks, the software interfaces with the client controller to transmit scanning results and data visualisation. Riftek offers a choice of protocols for communication with most common industrial robots. For the RF627WELD system a selection of weld seam templates combine with control algorithms for seam position recognition and corresponding location of joint coordinates.

Riftek can supply its own RF017 series industrial controller as a Tablet PC with Lamia software installed or a customer supplied PC can be used. Cable options for connecting the RF017 or PC to the Riftek laser scanner are included along with an RJ45 cable for Ethernet interfacing the robot controller. The RF017 includes Wi-Fi so that a remote desktop or access point can be facilitated.

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