Laser Projector Embedded in Next Generation Smartphone

MicroVision, Inc., a leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display and sensing technology, has announced that its PicoP scanning engine for projected display is part of a new VOGA V flagship smartphone just announced at Mobile World Congress Shanghai by Ragentek, a Chinese-based smartphone manufacturer.

“Ragentek has done an amazing job designing the VOGA V smartphone. It is a sleek, high performance product that addresses the consumer’s desire for slim, compact smartphones while at the same time maximizing functionality for watching video with a large, projected image,” said Alexander Tokman, President and Chief Executive Officer of MicroVision. “As soon as we began talks with the Ragentek team it was clear that they had a vision for the type of product they wanted to bring to market and a plan for getting there. We are extremely pleased they chose to partner with us and embed our PicoP scanning engine in the VOGA V.”

“When we came to MicroVision with our ideas for this product, their ability to work their engine design around our product design was a key factor in getting this product to market quickly. The mobile-first features of PicoP scanning technology such as always-in-focus images, lower power consumption and small module size were essential for us to maintain our phone design and performance standards while still extending the functionality to include high definition projected large screen images,” said Jiaming Le, Chief Executive Officer of Ragentek. “Our target customers want to have it all in a smartphone and today that means a device that is optimized for video viewing. With this engine from MicroVision, we are excited to offer a cutting-edge solution that will give our customers an experience beyond what they might expect from simply increasing the built-in screen a few centimeters.”

An engine based on MicroVision’s PicoP scanning technology, not much larger than a coin, delivers an unmatched ability to project images on any surface without distortion. It can also act as an image capture device. At the core of MicroVision’s scanning engine technology is a patented MEMS scanner which coupled with red, blue and green laser light sources can create virtually all visibly identifiable colors, the MEMS scanner is able to produce a vividly projected image that is always in focus. The embedded solution acquires and processes signals from a data source to control and synchronize the color mix and placement of individual pixels. In pico projectors, the MEMS scanning mirror directs the beam of light toward the projection surface.

MicroVision’s patented PicoP scanning technology is well suited to support a wide array of applications including pico projection, interactive pico projection, 3D LiDAR sensing for applications such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), robotics and industrial applications, and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

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