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Laser Microscope’s Smart Features Empower Faster Workflows

To provide the high levels of accuracy and precision required for sub-micron 3D observation and surface roughness measurement, the Olympus LEXT OLS5100 laser microscope offers guaranteed accuracy and precision with smart features that make materials science experiment workflows faster and more efficient.

Laser microscopes are essential equipment in manufacturing and quality assurance due to their powerful capabilities – submicron 3D measurements with no sample preparation, noncontact areal roughness analysis and speed. However, some tasks, such as creating and managing an experiment plan and choosing the right objective lens, are time consuming and sources of potential error. The OLS5100 microscope’s smart features address these challenges.

Simplify Your Measurement Testing Workflow

The microscope’s Smart Experiment Manager helps users manage the planning, acquisition and analysis phases of their experiments. The microscope scans samples according to a customized experiment plan generated by the software, helping to keep users from missing data or redoing work. During analysis, the software’s trend visualization tools make it easier for users to spot problems.

Data You Can Trust

The OLS5100 microscope’s Smart Lens Advisor takes the guesswork out of selecting the right objective lens when measuring surface roughness. In three simple steps, the Advisor rates the objective lens based on the application, so users know they are using the right objective.

Reliable Data at the Push of a Button

Some laser microscopes are complicated, but the OLS5100 microscope makes data acquisition simple – just place a sample on the stage and press the start button. The microscope will make all necessary setting adjustments and acquire the data.

With outstanding accuracy and optical performance combined with smart tools that make system easy to use, the OLS5100 laser microscope simplifies experiment workflows and delivers high-quality data users can rely on.

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