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Laser Line Scanners Extend CMM Performance

Wenzel has introduced a wide line laser scanner for use with coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). The optical sensor WM | LS 600, with a line width of 280 mm up to 600 mm, allows an extended field of application for large portal CMMs as well as for horizontal arm machines.

The sensor allows for large components to be measured quickly and reliably such as components of electric mobility, e.g. battery boxes, power generation rotor blades, or the measurement of large fabricated assemblies – the WM | LS 600 is suitable for almost every large component.

The WM | LS 600 can also be combined with the WM | Shapetracer II optical sensor from WENZEL on a cmm. This combination forms turns a coordinate measuring machine into an all-purpose measuring station whereby even the most complex workpieces can be measured quickly and easily.

The blue laser line sensor offers resolutions in X up to 181 µm and Z up to 27 µm. Working range in Z is 300 to 1.000 mm with a Z measuring range of 700 mm.

The WM | Shapetracer II laser line scanner changes a coordinate measuring machine into the ideal tool to record and handle point clouds. It is ideal for tool and die making, clay model digitising and CMM users who needs to record and work on surfaces and outlines of physical objects. The extremely fast Shapetracer is driven by the PointMaster software package recording 48,000 well-ordered data points per second with an accuracy of 20µm.

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