Laser Line Profilers Measure Connector Pin Quality At High-Speed

Founded in 2011, Inspect Spring Automation Technology is a China-based company that provides professional measurement solutions for a wide range of factory automation industries. Their solutions include Code Reading, Machine Vision, Robots, Laser Sensors, and Lighting industry products to help customers improve production efficiency and achieve business growth.

In a recent application, an LMI Gocator 2520 laser line profiler scans, filters, takes measurements, and provides real-time pass/fail decision-making on connector pins traveling on a high-speed conveyor. Without reliable, broad-coverage quality control information, defective connector pins can easily be missed and distributed to customers.

The Measurement Challenge

Connector pins are tiny, highly reflective objects that are difficult to scan and measure with the required precision to meet geometric tolerances. Specifically, noise in the scan data regularly appears between pins. In addition, some pins are soldered deeper on the board than others, which requires the scanning sensor to have a large measurement range in order to reliably capture pin geometry.

The LMI Gocator 2520 sensor is able to generate a high-density 3D scan (1920 data points per profile) of each highly reflective pin, which allows the user to work with the highest resolution image possible. Alternatively, the user can also elect to use a Gocator 3D snapshot sensor or buddy sensor system (line profilers) to completely eliminate occluded areas.

After scanning, Gocator provides built-in filters for handling different types of data noise. With the Gocator built-in tools, the user is also able to scan and measure length, height, width, and coplanarity.

Gocator Sensor Advantages

  • Accommodates for varying heights of different parts as they travel along the conveyor.
  • Calculates the connector pin’s height, which is relative to another surface of the part.
  • Measures the pin’s height precisely and accurately, down to a few hundredths of a millimeter.
  • Measures the pin’s height at full production speed.
Measuring length, width and height between two pins
Measuring height of a single pin

“Gocator delivers high scan speed and high resolution results on reflective targets. With the built-in 3D measurement tools, we can effectively inspect small parts.” comments Gary Wang, General Manager, Inspect Spring Automation Technology. The Gocator sensor ensures 100% inspection of connector pins with no missed defective pins, provides complete onboard inspection (scan, measure, control) at speeds up to 10 kHz and yields considerable cost savings, because  its possible to quickly catch and correct production issues before incurring unwanted costs due to defective parts.

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