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Large Measuring Volume CMM Specializes in Inspection of Super Sized Components

The Wenzel Group LHF is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) in portal design, especially developed for the measurement of large-volume components with typical applications including large drive trains, frames, engine casings and aircraft landing gear. The floor-level CMM is characterised by its open design and excellent accessibility.

The introduction by Wenzel of a larger model, the LHF 5025, offers an enormous measuring volume of of 5 m (X axis) x 2.5 m (Z-axis) and customised Y-axis lengths makes the large volume CMM ideally suited for measuring oversized components.

The double drive of the Y-axis of the LHF provides superb measuring dynamics which combines with the thermal stability of the machine granite guideways. The LHF is available in three accuracy classes for different customer performance requirements: Standard, Premium and Premium Select. The Premium and Premium Select models are both equipped with automatic temperature compensation.

The LHF can be equipped with the full range of Renishaw’s sensor systems, including the ultra-fast REVO 5-axis probe head system, as well as with the portfolio of WENZEL optical sensors.

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