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Large Measurement Range 3D Smart Sensor Launched

LMI Technologies (LMI), a global leader in 3D scanning and inspection has announce the launch of its Gocator 2490 smart 3D laser line profiler. The sensor achieves a 2 m field of view, large measurement range, and a 1 m x 1 m scan area for measurement and inspection of large targets. Gocator 2490 provides engineers with an all-in-one, pre-calibrated 3D vision solution ready to scan and measure out of the box.

High-Resolution 3D Scanning at Production Speed

Gocator 2490 is able to scan 1 m X 1 m packages at 800 Hz, with resolutions of 2.5 mm in all three dimensions (X, Y, Z) – even at conveyor speeds of 2 m/s. Competing systems typically offer just 3-5 mm resolution and are therefore less accurate in volume measurement. The sensor is also used for robust surface inspection and pass/fail control of defects.

Ultra-Wide Field of View and Large Measurement Range

Gocator 2490’s combination of wide field of view and large measurement range allows engineers to cover a very large scan area with a single sensor, and is suitable for applications such as volume dimensioning, automotive body frame inspection, monitoring loading levels on wide conveyor belt systems and high-volume food process inspection.

“Gocator 2490 offers a unique, wide field of view, all-in-one sensor solution for cost sensitive applications that require volume and defect measurement. Fully loaded with Gocator software inside the sensor, the G2490 can build detailed surface information of large objects and apply measurement tools in real-time to drive factory automation everywhere.” said Terry Arden, CEO, LMI Technologies.

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