KREON Launch Improved Precision Portable Measuring Arm

With the new ACE+ portable arm CMM, KREON is supporting evolving client expectations as their performance requirements are increasing. The new model arm is based on the architecture and functionalities of the KREON ACE arm, which is recognized for its robustness, reliability and high engineering standards. The ACE+ arms further benefit from advancements in manufacturing processes and in calibration. With enhanced precision, they offer a high performance measuring solution for all digital needs.

The KREON ACE+ arm is available in a 7-axis version and in 5 different sizes, for measuring volumes from 2.5 to 4.5 meters. It can be used for probing (tactile measurements) and non-contact scanning measurements in combination with integrated KREON Skyline 3D scanners.

KREON ACE+ measuring arms complement the KREON ACE measuring arm range. With the two models ACE and ACE+, KREON further differentiates its measuring arm offering by responding to industry’s needs. All KREON ACE and ACE+ measuring arms now comply with the ISO 10360-12 standard for portable measuring arm precision. Compliance with this new, more exhaustive standard gives users greater confidence in their measuring systems.

The ISO 10360-12 standard, specific to KREON articulated measuring arms, means greater precision, more consistent measurements over the relevant volume, and higher repeatability. Advanced calibration ACE+ arms use an advanced calibration process, ensuring higher levels of precision. Optimized encoders precision is further enhanced by new ways of optimizing the accuracy of the encoders used for the ACE+ arm portable arms.

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