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Kreon Introduces Portable Arm Point Cloud Software

Portable Arm CMM manufacturer Kreon has introduced Zenith metrology software for use on its scanning and touch probe devices.

Zenith focuses on the essential functions used in most applications for the acquisition and 3D measurement of manufactured parts. Described as simple to learn, Zenith is able to manage dense point clouds and execute color mapping. After aligning scanned data to the CAD model with a Landmark and a Best-fit alignment, color mapping can be generated directly on the point cloud.

Extraction from CAD

Geometrical entities can be extracted from CAD and directly compared to measured data from the generated point cloud.

Zenith provides for the fast creation and calibration of probes, acquisition of geometrical entities, direct measurement of CAD entities by probing, and alignment by 3 geometrical entities or with traditional ‘plane, line, point’. Measured entities can be exported in IGES format.

Automatic Report Generation

– Specifies entities and properties visibility

– Organizes tree view to define report tables order

– Generates report and exports as PDF or CSV file

New Generation 6-axis ACE+ Arms Offer 25% Higher Accuracy

Kreon has also recently announced improvements to the capabilities of the its 6-axis ACE+ arms enabling them to measure parts with smaller tolerance intervals. 3D measurements previously only possible with traditional CMMs can now be conducted using measuring arms allowing checks to be carried out during manufacture at point of production.

The 6-axis version of the Ace and Ace+ portable arms now offers a new and improved ergonomic experience. Freedom of movement of the sixth axis of the arm has increased 30% offering a movement range of 328°. With a stylus configuration, the end of the arm can now reach and measure more readily parts that are difficult to access. The probe trigger buttons are ideally located and their shape has been designed for intuitive tactile use.

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