Kreon Extends Portable Scanning Range with Eyes, Wide, Open

The KREON Ace Skyline portable measuring solution, which combines the companies Ace measuring arm with its Skyline scanner, has recently been extended with two additional scanners. The KREON Skyline scanner now exists in three versions: EYES, WIDE, and OPEN.

Based on a common technological platform, all Skyline Scanners share the same technical characteristics of scanning speed, performances, reliability and ergonomics and due to their complete integration with the KREON Ace measuring arm Skyline scanners create a high-performance portable 3D measuring solution.

Equipped with a blue laser, Skyline scanners offer optimal accuracy, even on shiny or reflective parts. Temperature compensation allows  immediate use without any pre-heating and maintains a constant accuracy. Skyline EYES stands out from the range with its 25 µm resolution and 9 µm accuracy.

Skyline WIDE is the fastest Skyline 3D scanner offering the ability to scan large surfaces at high speed due to its large 200mm laser line width and 600,000 points/sec acquisition speed allowing a decrease in the number of scan passes necessary to scan a complete part with scanner frequency allowing faster motion with higher acquisition speed providing a dense point cloud. Besides, the ergonomic “push and pull” handle provides fabulous scanning efficiency and enables effortless scanning due to the 3D scanner lightness (weighing under than 400 g) and compactness providing reach into hard-to-access zones of complex parts.

Skyline OPEN is the most affordable 3D scanner of the KREON range.

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