Kreon and API Introduce Tracked Arm Solution for Large Part Measurements

Kreon and Automated Precision Inc (API) has teamed up to deliver a tracked arm CMM solution. This new product now makes it possible to use a Kreon Ace portable arm to measure (scanning and probing measurements) large parts (up to 80 meters)and in accordance to its metrological accuracy. The new solution merges the assets of API and Kreon technologies: the long range and precision of the Radian API laser tracker; versatility, flexibility and accuracy of the Kreon Ace measuring arm.

The overall precision of the solution results first from the volumetric accuracy of the arm during local measurements, and then subsequently from the overall laser tracker alignment precision.

The measuring arm is placed on a tripod and moves all around the part in order to measure the whole part from several measurement stages. The tracker follows its movements through four SMRs placed on the arm. Each position is stored and then associated to the previous ones to obtain a single coordinate system.

The new solution is well adapted to many industry constraints and requirements.

kreon Ace measuring arm’s flexibility and mobility can be further exploited, while guaranteeing a high level of accuracy.

As a result the solution is perfectly suited to the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries as well as large parts suppliers looking for both portability and precision.

The new tracked arm solution is being showcased by API and Kreon at the Control Exhibition, Stuttgart 9-12 May.

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