Korean University Files Lawsuit for Alleged Patent Violation by 3D Sensor Companies

South Korean Sungkyunkwan University has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against two 3D smart sensor companies.
An affiliate of South Korea’s Sungkyunkwan University filed the suits, targeting German optical imaging company Carl Zeiss and USA based LMI Technologies, both of which develop and markets 3D imaging products. In both complaints, SungKyunKwan University, Research & Business Foundation is alleging infringement of US patent 7,957,639 – ‘Method and system for determining optimal exposure of structured light based 3D camera’.
The patent was registered at the US Patent and Trademark Office in June 2011. Sukhan Lee, Moon Wook Ryu, and Dae Sik Kim are the name inventors on the patent; Sukhan Lee works as a Director of the Intelligent Systems Research Institute at the university. Sungkyunkwan University is the owner of the patent.