Kapp Niles Fast and Compact Gear Measuring Centers Introduced

Kapp Niles has introduced is KNM 2X/5X Gear Measuring Centers for the inspection of small and medium spur, helical and bevel gears, rotors, gear hobs and shafts. The model 2X can measure gears up to 300mm diameter while the X5 increases measuring capacity to 500mm.

The all air-bearing, intrinsically accurate, granite construction measuring machine offers a compact design and is mounted on pneumatic anti-vibration system to isolate transmitted shop-floor vibrations from impacting measuring performances. With linear motor drives in X, Y and Z the drive system has been positioned close to the center of gravity to ensure optimum machine performances.

The optional ‘driven’ tail-stock provides for easy load/unload of geared shafts and included in the CAA to ensure maximum measuring accuracy over the machine life cycle.

The rotary table can be fitted with optional “Smart” kinematic fixture plates allowing for rapid part loading and fixture exchange.

The new KNM 2X/5X series is driven by a state of the art KNM C5 CNC controller with fully integrated ergonomic operator panel.

The machine can be used with the full range of Renishaw tactile scanning probes including the rugged SP600 with automatic styli changing option.

For more information: www.kapp-niles.com



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