k-Space Ships In-Line Metrology

k-Space Associates has announced the shipment of multiple process control systems that measure color consistency during the production of dynamic glass.

The customized in-line metrology uses optical, non-contact measurement to obtain absolute color parameters, as well as provide feedback for process control for color consistency of the dynamic glass. The tool travels along a vertical, linear stage to obtain a full profile measurement of the glass panels.

Darryl Barlett, CEO of k-Space, says, “We have the metrology and optics knowledge to customize in-line systems to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our ability to provide a customized solution leveraging our in-house staff of scientists, engineers, and software experts has enabled us to both design and manufacture a tool that will give the customer the accurate and reproducible measurement and control that they need to stay on top of their market.”

Dynamic glass is architectural glass with technology that provides energy savings as well as a better light environment to improve the health of building occupants. This type of glass has been installed in airports, offices, and other architectural buildings worldwide.

For more information: www.k-space.com