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July 2020 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:
At this time in the calendar year we would normally be looking forward to long-planned summer vacations and some hard-earned down-time with family. This year the summer vacation is taking a very different course due to travel restrictions, personal safety concerns and financial hardship caused through furloughs and layoffs. Global manufacturing is using best endeavors to ramp back-up production again, albeit to an uncertain market demand for products. It appears that China is now back in full-swing as a manufacturing economy while the rest of the world continues to struggle with its biggest export to date.

July proved to be a very active month in the metrology world with a plethora of new product launches, many of which had been likely delayed, due to previously planned launches at now cancelled exhibitions. Many new products are focused on metrology automation and integration directly into manufacturing processes. It appears likely that COVID will accelerate metrology integration as manufacturing strives to reduce costs, increase productivity while enhancing overall quality levels. Industry 4.0 is accelerating in uptake as factories become smarter albeit incrementally – one project at a time, although surprisingly, investments in new plants continue to be announced in particular associated with electric vehicle production and their components.

Feedback received from last month’s editor’s message confirmed that the ‘new era’ digital marketing efforts of suppliers are yielding results. Despite the absence of exhibitions, companies are reporting new product inquiries higher than past year’s numbers. This would indicate that the industry’s previous reliance on physical exhibitions will be reassessed going forward. We can look forward to further digital initiatives and fine tuning of digital events as we all learn what works for suppliers and customers alike. Indeed the readership of Metrology News has more than doubled in 2020 indicating that our daily mix of news is supplying an important service to a ‘knowledge hungry’ manufacturing community.

We are entering the financial reporting period for many public companies. It will be interesting to learn just how much impact on sales revenues and financial performance the pandemic has had. In the metrology sector, just 6 months ago, every single company was optimistically looking at 2020 as a further year of growth and an increasing outreach of its products and services to global markets. In reality these past months have probably been the longest and most difficult ever experienced by most of us due to lock-downs and personal restrictions.

Over 90 articles were posted in July on the Metrology News platform. A selection are published in this month’s newsletter below. The complete list of July articles can be accessed by clicking here.

Enjoy your vacation time and remain safe!

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

ABB Launch 3D Inspection Robot Cell

Based on structured light and photogrammetry, ABB’s new 3D Quality Inspection (3DQI) cell is capable of measuring at a pace that is dramatically faster than traditional measuring inspection tools. 3DQI not only offers quick and accurate quality checks, but also reduces expensive rework and scrappage. The scalable quality inspection cell accelerates … read more

Combining Robotic Doppler Vibrometry and Optical 3D Scanning

Topometric GmbH has announced that it is building a combined robotic Doppler vibrometry and optical 3D scanning system. Topometric, founded in 2001, is one of the leading service centers in the field of industrial 3D measurement technology in Germany. The spectrum of Topometric’s expertise includes both optical and tactile 3D … read more

Optical Sensor Uses Water Vapor to Neutralize Reflectivity

NEXTSENSE, a Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence company, and a specialist in automotive gap and flush inspection is launching its new Calipri CB20 with patented CaliBreeze™ technology that enables the measurement of surfaces that were previously not measurable. Transparent materials like glass or plastics as well as any painted surface or highly … read more

Smart Laser Line Scanner Delivers 3200 Points Per Profile

Keyence has introduced its LJ-X8000 3D Laser Profiler delivering 3200 points per profile allowing the sensor to perform inline inspection without compromising accuracy. The sensor is designed to handle a wide-range of applications from profile measurement to 3D inspection. A laser line is emitted from the sensor to illuminate the surface … read more

Automating CMM Part ID, Alignment and Measurement

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the metrology industry’s first system to automatically identify, align and select the measurement routine for a part on a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). EYE-D, is an automated part recognition and alignment tool designed to increase productivity, eliminate errors and help manufacturers overcome increasing labor shortages … read more

On-Machine Scanning Reduces Manufacturing Times By 6.5 Hours

Based in Ufa, Russia, ODK UMPO PAO is the country’s largest provider of gas turbine engines. The company designs, manufactures and services high performance gas turbine engines for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft and gas and oil producing sectors. ODK UMPO PAO wanted to increase the accuracy and efficiency of … read more

Transforming Manufacturing With Intelligent Inspection Automation

Elementary Robotics, a Los Angeles based robotics startup, has announced a $12.7M Series A funding round led by Threshold Ventures (formerly DFJ), an early-stage investor in disruptive technology companies. Founded in 2017, Elementary has built a hardware and software platform for applying machine learning and computer vision for intelligent automation of quality and … read more

Time Of Flight Sensor Guides Cockpit Assembly

Micro Epsilon optoNCDT ILR1030-8/LC1 time-of-flight laser sensors are used for the positioning of robots in automotive assembly operations. In the production of vehicles, numerous production steps are automated and are performed using modern manufacturing processes using many innovative technologies. Precision sensors are an essential part of ‘state of the art’ automotive … read more

Increasing Insight of Composite Components Using CT

Composite workpieces require various controls and inspections during the overall production process. Computed tomography (CT) is a powerful non-destructive technology to inspect every sample in an easy way and the only one giving the ability to see inside the matter. Composites components are diverse and widely used in various industrial fields … read more

On-Machine Metrology Drives Efficiencies In Large-Scale Additive Manufacturing

In the cornfields of southern Indiana, Thermwood Corp. is making unique large-scale additive manufacturing (LSAM, known as “L-sam”) equipment that are achieving singular breakthroughs for aerospace, mold-making, and a growing number of interested manufacturers. Used to produce large= to very-large-sized components from reinforced thermoplastic composite materials, LSAM equipment can make … read more

Digital Control Center Launch Innovates CMM Operation

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched the Digital Control Center (dCC), a customisable, handheld control center that transforms how operators and quality engineers interact with a coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Designed to place more data, functionality and control in the hands of operators than even the most advanced traditional CMM jogbox … read more

Accelerated 3D XRAY Allows Fast Inline Inspection

Deltaray, a spin-off of Belgium’s Antwerp University and imec – a world-leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technologies – is taking quality control to the next level with the introduction of its ‘Accelerated 3D XRAY’ technology. Deltaray’s solution allows manufacturers to inspect products for possible defects up … read more

Quality in The Blink of an Eye

At a number of Benteler Automotive plants, have introduced optical measurement techniques. These innovative systems replace the traditional gaging systems previously used and offer multiple benefits for its customers. The production of highest quality pressed vehicle components calls for consistent testing. Both at the start-up of a line and during series … read more

“There’s No Replacement for Displacement” – W.O. Bentley

Bentley’s Blower Continuation Series project has announced the reaching an important milestone, with the completion of the digital CAD (Computer Aided Design) model that will serve as the master design and engineering reference for the new cars. Announced last year, the Blower Continuation Series is a run of twelve new Bentley … read more

Digital Legacy Scanning Aids New Bronco Design Development

After 25 years, the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco has officially returned as the flagship of a new all-4×4 family of rugged SUVs, with a classic two-door and a first-ever four-door; both are engineered with Built Wild™ Extreme Durability Testing, Capability and Innovative Design for segment-leading 4×4 capability, long-term off-road performance … read more

3D Optical Metrology Tools For Advanced Manufacturing

When looking at metrology, general discussion often revolves around the relative merits of contact or non-contact measurement solutions.  There is now a drive across nearly all industries for smaller and more complex components (which are often prone to contamination or damage by even the … read more

Automation and Digitalization Offer Significant Competitive Edge in Volatile Market Environment

The current situation creates major challenges for industrial companies worldwide – and shows that digitalized and highly automated production is more important than ever when it comes to gaining a competitive edge. This is the only way that companies can react to current and future challenges with the required degree … read more

Renishaw Digital Initiatives Supports Global Manufacturing

With a wave of global trade show and exhibition postponements this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Renishaw has announced the launch of its own online virtual exhibition, called ‘Virtual-Expo’. The rationale behind this new initiative is to bring Renishaw’s traditional exhibition offering to customers in an engaging and interactive … read more

First Annual Brunson Metrology Survey Launched

How tight are your tightest tolerances? What are your most vital metrology instruments? What technology will impact metrology in the future? Seeking answers to these and other critical questions surrounding today’s metrology applications, Brunson Instrument Company has launched the first annual Brunson Metrology Survey. “We learn a great deal through conversations with our customers, … read more