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January 2021 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

I can’t believe we are almost through January already. This month has been very busy on the news desk with an abundance of new products, application stories and company acquisitions to report. While some of us may be doing ‘Dry January, ‘Veganuary’ or just trying to stick to our individual new year’s resolutions, business has already returned to ‘business in the new normal’ as COVID restrictions continue to be enforced.

Although we had diligently put together our Events Schedule for 2021 over the holidays we are already seeing that events as far out as May are being postponed, cancelled or switched to Digital Only. It seems unlikely the exhibition circuit will get back on track until the second-half of 2021 at the earliest. Digital is the new normal and we all question whether the role of physical expo events will ever return to their previous levels, as all parties, have discovered and pioneered alternative solutions.

Just short of 100 articles have been published in January. Metrology News continues with its upwards readership growth curve and over 10,000 Linkedin users have now registered as Metrology News followers. January readership is over 30% up over January 2020.

This month’s primary editorial focus was Computed Tomography, a technology playing an increasing role in manufacturing metrology, and in particular, with the growth being experienced in the still developing Additive Manufacturing sector. Industrial robots are playing an increasing role in CT, not just to automate part handling but also integral in the X-ray process by carrying both X-ray tube and detector for large part CT part scanning.

We now include a dedicated section for Additive Manufacturing on the Metrology News platform to inform and educate on what is a fast moving with evolving technology. Our lead story this month is the launch of a new AM machine and process incorporating multi-sensors, including structured light scanning, to measuring in-process the generated part quality real-time in-process with adaptive control.

We highlight below just a sample of the articles published over the month. The complete library of January articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Triple Sensor Solution Provides Advanced In-Process AM Control

One of the challenges that has continued to frustrate users of metal additive manufacturing (AM) systems for production applications, in terms of quality and traceability, is capable and useful in-process monitoring (IPM). From the outset, this issue has been a key focus for Wayland Additive during the development of its innovative … read more

Robotic X-ray Inspection of Cast Automotive Wheels

The HeiDetect Wheel Robot wheel inspection system, from HEITEC PTS, achieves an extremely high throughput due to its integrated industrial robot and is ideal for inline operation in the mass production of cast aluminium automotive wheels. Several areas of the wheel can be tested in one testing position using the … read more

AI as a Game Changer in CMM Programming

Today it’s possible to simply program CMM’s in a few clicks and in minutes, instead of hours using smart programming and automated software solutions. Metrologic Group’s SILMA X4 is set to revolutionize the traditional CMM programming task removing management frustration with CMM ‘bottlenecks’ … read more

DMG MORI Introduce Laser Scanning On-Machine Measurement

Following the announcement of a partnership between DMG MORI and NIKON in May 2019 to integrate non-contact laser-line scanning onto its machine tools DMG MORI has posted a video on its Japanese website showing the fully integrated on-machine measuring system in action. The system provides non-contact measurement of large, complex … read more

Duplex Robotic CT System Scans Large Parts

North Star Imaging (NSI) has launched a duplex robot computed tomography system for large manufactured parts. NSI’s unique Dual RobotiX precision technology features two robot arms working in synchronized harmony of motion. The X-ray source and detector are mounted onto the individual robots located within the cabinet. Robots can be locked … read more

Realising Smart Factory Vision through AI-of-Things

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is essentially the Digital Age, characterised by a heavy focus on automation, real-time data, connectivity, embedded sensors, and machine learning. Its iconic representation is probably the Smartphone – a powerful handheld computer extending the power, reach and versatility of the Internet to all corners … read more

Holographic Presentation of 3D Data Becoming a Reality

At the virtual CES 2021 event, San Diego based company, IKIN Inc. unveiled a smartphone accessory, inspired by ‘Sci-Fi Movies’ that can turn content from into 3D holograms. While most 3D holographic images have to be viewed in the dark, the ones created by IKIN can be viewed in daylight due … read more

Digital Fingerprinting Provides Digital Twin for Every Manufactured Part

Alitheon’s FeaturePrint ID is a universal identity asset for virtually any product. Through mature machine vision and statistical methods, even the most resistant objects can now be securely identified again and again. Every industry has struggled to identify and trace its goods, a deeply consequential issue in a world of … read more

Applied Automation Technologies Joins Andretti Autosport as Team’s Official Metrology Solution

Andretti Autosport has announced that Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) will serve as the team’s official metrology solution. AAT3D began in 1987 as a CAD-based dimensional measurement software and developed into a global leader of software solutions for metrology, quality control and manufacturing systems … read more

Tracker Measuring Systems Simplify Industrial Robot Programming

Robot software company RoboDK has released TwinTrack, a tool that allows users to program any industrial robot quickly and easily by tracing the desired motion with a handheld probe. As robots move into the hands of less experienced users, there is a growing need for more intuitive programming interfaces that are … read more

Smart Laser Scanning Sensor Delivers Inline Inspection, Guidance, and Gauging

Cognex Corporation has introduces the In-Sight 3D-L4000 embedded vision system. In-Sight 3D-L4000 is a breakthrough in three-dimensional (3D) vision technology and combines 3D laser displacement technology with a smart camera allowing factory engineers to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively solve a wide variety of inspections tasks … read more

Mobile Measuring Station Incorporates Collaborative Robot with Powerful 3D Scanner

With the GOM ScanCobot, GOM presents a mobile measuring station with a collaborative robot, motorized rotation table and powerful software. Combined with the compact and high-precision sensor ATOS Q, the complete system is predestined for automated 3D measurements. The ATOS Q, GOM’s compact outperformer, together with the GOM ScanCobot optimizes … read more

Metrology ‘Drives’ Skoda’s New Prototype Vehicle Center

ŠKODA AUTO’s technical development department has opened a new centre for the manufacture of test vehicles and prototypes at its Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic site. The new facility means that these special vehicles can now be built completely under one roof. The carmaker uses state-of-the-art technologies, such as robot stations … read more

Digital Manufacturing Aids Custom Motorcycle Build Shop

Art, culture and the craft of metal – Bryan Fuller´s automotive and motorcycle design and customization shop ‘Fuller Moto’ inspires, educates and entertains those with a creative spirit and a do-it-yourself attitude and combines all these aspects together by creating ‘rolling works of art’. In his Atlanta, USA based shop … read more

3D Measurement Technology Gives the Edge to Olympics Athletes

Luge, which is the French word for racing sled, is considered by many to be an extreme sport. It involves athletes lying down on their backs on a tiny sled with their feet stretched out in front of them and racing down an icy, high-banked track at speeds as fast as … read more

Laser Tracker Calibrates in Harsh Environment at Steel Rolling Mill

Steel plate manufacturing is a multi-step process, often requiring multiple machine adjustments after the smelting process to roll the steel properly. Depending on the plate’s thickness and quality demands, mill operators need to adjust the bearings that control roller height or change out the rollers to create a different surface … read more

Deep Reality Reenergizes Visual Part Inspection

Society has become more health conscious, and it has become common to carry a bottle of water or a health drink in backpacks or sports bags. As this trend has achieved mainstream adoption, the market for energy drinks has expanded exponentially. Consumers tend to base their product selection on branding … read more

Manufacturing Megatrends – Why the ‘New Normal’ Might Look Quite Familiar

Bart Van der Schueren, Chief Technology Officer and Materialise Mindware representative, discusses megatrends in manufacturing and how these values can guide companies navigating the industry during a pandemic. Manufacturing has entered unchartered territory. Whatever the product you make or sector you serve … read more

Smart Sensors & Edge Computing Deliver Real-Time Manufacturing Control

The trend to move process data directly from the factory floor to the digital cloud creates bandwidth and latency issues that can become a roadblock to real-time reporting. In response, smart sensors were introduced to efficiently perform computing at the “edge” of the factory network. Edge computing is the practice of … read more

Production Capacity Increased With ‘Lights-Out’ Robotic Quality Inspection

Precision aerospace part manufacturer Alloy Specialties has become one of the first adopters of a new robotic quality inspection technology, Tempo, from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division that has enabled the company to increase its production capacity and staff productivity through automation. Tempo comes from a series of Hexagon products designed to … read more

Deep Learning Video Inspection Platform Launched

ASH TECHNOLOGIES has launched a new deep learning inspection platform. Acumen AI delivers exceptional results by removing human subjectivity when optically inspecting critical parts across a range of industries. ASH has a proven track record in the medical device sector and the Acumen AI will allow ASH TECHNOLOGIES to open … read more

Digital Microscope Offers Real Time Extended Depth of Field

With ZEISS Visioner 1, ZEISS is launching an innovative digital microscope that for the first time enables all-in-one focus in real time thanks to its Micro-mirror Array Lens System (MALS™). With its extended depth of field, users in their quality control and quality assurance applications in manufacturing can for the … read more

Gantry X-ray System Inspects Large Aerospace Parts

The X-ray inspection of heavy, large or oddly shaped parts demand for a versatile and scalable system. The XRHGantry from VisiConsult  is an overhead-mounted turnkey solution with seven programmable axes of motion. Up to 450kV and a broad detector choice make this system the answer to many different inspection tasks … read more

IOT Data Platform Accelerates Future of Factory Insights

Critical Manufacturing has announced the most advanced and disruptive release of its Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Critical Manufacturing MES V8 reveals a revolutionary new IoT Data Platform that merges IoT with MES and, two significant new modules that advance smart manufacturing in areas of Materials Logistics and Factory … read more

Robot CT Investigates Large Assembly Defects

Fraunhofer EZRT has been researching and developing in the field of industrial X-ray technology for over 20 years and has extensive know-how in software and hardware components for X-ray and computed tomography systems, especially for demanding special applications. With its components and know-how, the Fraunhofer EZRT partners with plant manufacturers … read more

Teledyne to Acquire FLIR Systems for $8.0 Billion

Teledyne Technologies Inc. (Teledyne) and FLIR Systems, Inc. (FLIR) have announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Teledyne will acquire FLIR in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $8.0 billion. “At the core of both our companies is proprietary sensor technologies … read more

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