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January 2020 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

Metrology News is off to busy start in 2020 with a surprising amount of news around in January to bring to our ever growing readership base. Metrology News has increased its Linkedin followers to over 6300 – up from 5000 in just the last few weeks with monthly Metrology News article views increasing over 50% in past months. This month’s Metrology News editorial focus was on Computed Tomography publishing a total of 10 articles including application stories, technology and “Seeing Into The Future Of Computed Tomography”. All of which can all be found at the following link. Over 50 articles have been posted in January to-date including “The Road To Smart Machining”,  “Shop Floor CMM Wins Race Against Time”,  “Tracking The Automotive Industry Real-time” and “Holographic 3D Imaging Takes Shape”.

Enjoy the read!

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Seeing Into The Future Of Computed Tomography

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is a specialized part inspection company located in North America with a focus, since 2009, on providing Industrial CT Scanning Services. Metrology.News recently sat down with company founder and president Jesse Garant, a mechanical engineer with 20 years of management and practical manufacturing experience … read more

Elastomeric Sensor Visualizes and Measures 3D Topography

GelSight, the developer of industrial 3D imaging solutions for the aerospace, automotive, and other electronics industries, has announced that it has raised $10 million in new funding. The funding will be used to accelerate GelSight’s growth as adoption of its unique elastomeric-based imaging system gains deeper traction with major aerospace … read more

Rapid High-Precision Measurement Of Templates And Gauges

Italian company M.D.C. DESIGN srl manufactures control and industrial automation templates, and offers a wide range of measurement services on behalf of third parties in the automotive and aerospace sectors. After thirteen years of constant market growth, the strong demand encouraged the company to create control machinery using the most … read more

The Road To Smart Machining – Automating Metrology Data on Machining Centers

The primary goal of any shop is manufacturing dimensionally accurate parts at minimum cost. While quality control is indispensable, conventional dimensional measurement methods are not efficient. Digitizing measurement data where parts are manufactured and sharing that data with all manufacturing devices enables a modern competitive factory for many industries. Implementing Industry … read more

3D Measuring System Speeds Automotive Inspection

For automotive manufacturers and suppliers, achieving a precise fit for body panels and their tools is often a time-intensive process involving plenty of trial and error. With the help of 3D measuring systems, automotive manufacturer Allgaier in Germany has managed to reduce measuring times in toolmaking, production, and assembly by … read more

Advanced Imaging Techniques Create Historical Artifacts Digital Replicas

In the palm of his hand, Thomas Brian Renegar held two small metal objects that had changed the course of history. Twisted pieces of copper and lead, they were fragments of the bullet that ended the life of US President John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. A physical scientist at … read more

Companion App Includes First Real-Time Build DRO for iOS Watches

Verisurf Software has announced its new mobile Verisurf Companion App, designed to improve productivity of measurement, build, and inspection applications, especially when large parts or assemblies are involved.  Verisurf continues to innovate the metrology workspace by bringing the first real-time metrology Digital Readout (DRO) to Android and iOS devices, including … read more


Shop Floor CMM Wins Race Against Time

Racing places high demands on engine makers – also regarding measuring technology. At its Bruck site in Austrian Pankl Racing Systems therefore replaced almost manual measuring equipment with ZEISS measuring machines and saved up to 80 percent of measuring times. Pankl Racing Systems AG specializes in lightweight components designed to … read more

Portable Arm Scanner Extends Ateliers Craft

Located in Bordeaux, France the Ateliers Paul Bracq have earned their place in motoring history. Renowned car designer Paul Bracq first started working for major car makers such as Mercedes, BMW and Citroën back in 1957. He contributed to the design of several vehicle models, including the stylish Mercedes Pagoda … read more

Tracking the Automotive Industry Real-Time

The Automotive industry is the second-largest market for Laser Trackers after the Aerospace industry. The Laser Tracker has become a critical measuring technology utilized both during the introduction of new models into ever-increasingly automated assembly plants, and as a tool to maintain process control of vehicle quality during assembly operations … read more

Delivering Top Levels Of Swiss Accuracy

A measurement service provider in the small community of Büren an der Aare in the Swiss canton of Berne is pushing the boundaries of 3D metrology, helped by a Leitz Infinity coordinate measuring machine. “We are never satisfied with the status quo; we always want more. Limits are there to be crossed,” explains Rudolf Gribi, Managing … read more

Fast Automated Helical CT Scans Of Automotive Castings

For industrial computed tomography (CT) in foundries, mainly systems based on the principle of fan beam or cone beam tomography are offered. Baker Hughes Inspection Technologies offers with its speed|scan CT 64 scanner a fast tomograph for the inspection of large light metal castings, which is based on the principle … read more

Smart Robot Gripper Automates CMM Inspection

Part handling can be an issue when using a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to inspect small parts. New Scale Robotics has solved the part handling issue while also adding the significant benefit of in-line measurement to improve CMM throughput. Integration of the New Scale Robotics Q-Span™ precision gripper/caliper solution to a … read more

Holographic 3D Imaging Takes Shape

The concept of a volumetric display has been taken in many different directions, from VR and AR to autosteroscopic screens. Now an Australian start-up company, Voxon Photonics, has introduced 3D Volumetric Technology that was recently showcased at the Radiological Society Of North America (RSNA) conference and reported by Imaging Technology … read more