iTomography and Bruker Announce License Agreement for iTomo Image Reconstruction Software

Bruker and iTomography Corporation announced they have entered into a multi-year license agreement for the patented technology invented by Dr. Alexander Katsevich, iTomography’s Chief Technology Officer and a professor at the University of Central Florida.

This will give Bruker non-exclusive rights to the software for performing CT imaging using the theoretically exact image reconstruction algorithm iTomo®. In the near-term, exact helical reconstruction will be available on number of SkyScan™ instruments produced by Bruker microCT.

Dr. Michael Frenkel, CEO of iTomography, stated: “Bruker is a leading worldwide provider of microCT imaging systems, and we are proud to have iTomography’s disruptive CT technologies utilized by Bruker’s customers worldwide for CT applications. iTomography believes that practical utilization of licensed technologies will improve the quality of imaging and expand the spectrum of applications of microtomography and nanotomography scanners.”

Dr. Alexander Sasov, CEO of Bruker microCT, stated: “Our goal is to provide researchers with the best imaging instruments. Using licensed exact helical reconstruction algorithms allow significant improvement in 3D metrological accuracy of results and offer various enhancements in application areas to satisfy the needs of our customers”.

iTomography provides CT algorithms, software, and services. Its proprietary 3D imaging products are used by CT and microCT scanner manufacturers to improve image quality, reduce or eliminate artifacts, accelerate image reconstruction, and decrease scan time.

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