Italian Machine Tool Orders Decline 18.6 Percent In 2019

ECIMU, the Italian Machine Tool Industry Association, has reported that the third quarter 2019 UCIMU index showed an 18.6% fall compared with the same period of the previous year. The absolute value of the index was 69 (basis 100 in 2015). The declinee was due to the negative trend registered both in the domestic and in export markets. Orders collected by the manufacturers in the domestic Italian market highlighted a 19.3% downturn compared with the period July-September 2018. On the export front manufacturers registered a considerable reduction in their orders, down by 14% versus the third quarter 2018.

Massimo Carboniero, President of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, stated: “Unfortunately, 2019 has confirmed to be a year of contraction for the Italian manufacturers of machine tools, robots and automation systems, who experienced a drop both in the domestic and in the foreign markets. The entrepreneurs of the sector are worried especially about the complexity of the international context, which translates to a partial freezing of investments in production systems in many markets, including Italy”. 

“The trade conflict between the two economic powers, (the United States and China), the recession of driving sectors for the manufacturing industry, (principally the automotive), and the outbreaks of war in hot spots of the world make the activity of the manufacturing enterprises particularly complicated and the future decidedly uncertain”.

“On the foreign front, observed Massimo Carboniero, “the situation is more complicated, due to the context of general economic and political instability. For this reason, we require targeted measures to facilitate the internationalization of our SMEs, especially in the most far-away countries”.  

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