Isra Large 3D Measurement Order for Touchscreen Surface Quality

ISRA Vision AG, a leading machine vision company has received a large-scale strategic order from an Asian customer for the delivery of 3D inspection systems for touchscreen surface quality with a total volume of well over $5.6 million. With a patented multi-camera solution that precisely inspects surface structures as well as curvature and evenness, ISRA meets the high quality requirements for touchscreen displays and reflective surfaces.

The technology is also specifically addressing the market for touchscreen devices and highlights ISRA’s growing role in providing high-resolution measurement solutions in these market segments. Touch-screens, as reflective surfaces, represent a complex task for optical inspection. Touch-screens are always in the user’s direct line of sight and must therefore fulfill very high aesthetic requirements, along with functional needs.

The multi-camera system, based on deflectometry, enables reliable, complete quality inspection with accuracies in the nano-meter range. In order to expand its market position further, the company plans to strengthen its presence in Asian producer markets. With the currently high order backlog of over 90 million euros ISRA is anticipating further profitable organic revenue growth in this financial year of approximately 10 percent with at least stable margins, providing economic conditions do not significantly change. ISRA is preparing to reach the planned revenue target of over 150 million euros in the medium-term.

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