Isra Vision Grows Automotive Industrial Automation Revenues

ISRA VISION AG has announced that it has continued to develop profitably in the third quarter of its current financial year with an EBT growth of 19% to 24.5 million euros  and an EBT margin of 22% of revenues (Q3-YTD-17/18: 20%) and 20 percent of total output (Q3-YTD-17/18: 18%). With revenues of 110.6 million euros,, an increase of around 8%, the company is making further progress toward its medium-term target of revenues exceeding 200 million euros. EBITDA amounted to 38.6 million euros representing significant growth of 20% at a very high margin of 35% of revenues and 31 percent of total output (Q3-YTD-17/18: 29%), while EBIT grew 19 percent to 24.6 million euros, reaching a margin of 22 percent of revenues (Q3-YTD-17/18: 20%) and 20 percent of total output (Q3-YTD-17/18: 18%).

The balance sheet for the first nine months of the financial year reflects a strong order backlog of 93 million euros gross.

During the first nine months of the financial year, ISRA continued to invest in the global expansion of market shares in the target industries and in strengthening the international teams at more than 25 locations. Important new managers were recruited in the United Kingdom and China, while the company intensified its market expansion measures in Mexico. In addition, step-by-step expansion is currently being implemented in North and South America, South East Asia and India.

Business in the regions was robust in the third quarter of 2018/2019, with ISRA achieving successes in sales in the European markets. Revenues in Asia continued to develop on a high level compared to the third quarter of the previous year; the company expects among others large-scale orders from China over the coming months. Business in North and South America grew significantly and should receive further impetus from an additional intensification of marketing and sales activities. Revenues in the Industrial Automation segment rose to 28.0 million euros during the reporting period, representing growth of 10%, while automotive sector grew 12%. The segment result was driven by machine vision solutions for robot-guided assembly and measuring technology. Experience shows that these capital goods for the automation of production are the subject of cross-industry demand, even when the business climate is weakening. This especially applies for the automotive industry, as the major players invest in optimizing production and increasing efficiency in times of economic slowdown.

ISRA is currently exploiting additional market potential here with the ongoing development of INDUSTRIE 4.0-capable systems for connected production.

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