International 3D Metrology Conference To Showcase Latest Advances In Research and Application

The 4th 3D Metrology Conference (3DMC) London (3 – 7 November) has announced a selection of the technical papers to be presented at the event. The expert papers have been carefully selected to highlight industrial relevance and showcase innovation on the latest advances in research and application and define 3DMC’s unique technical event profile. Delegates will also receive hands-on experience of the latest metrology systems from major manufacturers and software suppliers.

3DMC is being hosted at the Plexal, London, originally the Press Center for the 2012 Olympic Games.

“Manufacturing is changing, and with new applications come new instruments, software and sensors to meet those challenges. The pace of change remains rapid and there is no real match for seeing these things up close and personal to get an idea of their capabilities” commented  Craig Davey, Insphere’s Chief Operating Officer after last years event in Germany.

3DMC is an international event organised jointly by The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and University College London (UCL), The Machine Tool Lab (WZL) at The University of Aachen and Physikalish Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Germany. It is the only European conference aimed at industrial end-users of 3D metrology systems, equipment and software suppliers, and academics and researchers in the field of industrial dimensional metrology. The conference aims to bring together these communities with a view to encourage knowledge transfer, exchange of ideas and to stimulate innovation and adoption of the latest technologies.

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3DMC Conference Papers include:

High-Speed Fringe Projection And Real-Time Phase Analysis For Robot 3D Vision Applications

Russell Coggrave Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Performance Comparison Of Four 3D Tracking Systems For In-factory applications

Istvan Brio Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Metrology For The New Airbus Wing Integration Centre At Bristol Filton

Paul Richardson Airbus, United Kingdom

Evaluation Of Performance And Uncertainty Of Coordinate Measuring Arms On The Shop Floor

Salma El Asmai Université de Bourgogne, France

Use Of Relocation Gauges For Linking Laser Trackers In Cluttered Measurement Environments

Rodrigo Leao LNLS, Brazil

Compensation Of Cobot Inaccuracies By Innovative Sensors And Intelligent Path Planning Software

Michael Ernst, Germany

Predicting Machining Errors Arising From Complex Kinematic Errors Using A Digital Twin

Scott Sandwith, Doug Bristow NRK, University of Missouri, Boeing, United States

Smart And Digitally-Enabled Multi-Wave Light Sensor Technology: Closed-Loop Fabrication, Inspection And Quality Control

Pasquale Franciosa WMG, University of Warwick, United Kingdom

Real-Time Laser Tracker Compensation Of Robotic Machining Trials At University Of Bath

Zheng Wang University Of Bath, United Kingdom

A Framework For Calibration Of Optical Coordinate Measuring Instruments

Richard Leach University Of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Predictive Maintenance of Measurement Processes on Coordinate Measurement Machines

Markus Ohlenforst IconPro GmbH, Germany

A Flexible Method For The Geometric Characterization Of A Multi-View Fringe Projection System

Amrozia Shaheen University Of Nottingham, United Kingdom

Large Volume 3D Metrology For Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology

Eneko Gomez-Acedo IK4-TEKNIKER, Spain

Determination Of Measurement Uncertainty For Large Involute Gears By Means Of Monte Carlo Method

Ann-Kathrin Wiemann PTB, Germany

Simulating The Application Of Drones For Optical 3D Inspection In The Oil & Gas Industries

Tiago Costa Pinto LabMetro, Brazil

Underwater Photogrammetry Down To 6000 m Depth

Fabio Menna COMEX, France / FBK, Italy

Development Of Measurement Probe For Narrow-Space 3D Shapes

Tatsuo Hariyama Hitachi, Japan

Immersive Positioning And Measurement In Complex Spaces

Zhiyuan Niu Tianjin University, China

IMU Sensor Analysis For Biomechanical Applications

Jon Heaps NPL, United Kingdom

Geometric Partitioning By Holistic Approximation

Axel von Freyberg Universität Bremen, Germany

Acoustic System For Average Temperature Measurement Along A Short Distance

Karim-Mounssif Mimoune

Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, France

Improving Quality Of Over-Braided Composite Structures Through In-Process Measurement

Dan Griffin

National Composites Centre, United Kingdom