Interactive Analytics Dashboard Links Metrics to CAD Models

Kenso Software has launched a new analytics software designed for metrology engineers to monitor production quality in real-time. The software allows users to link metrics to CAD models and display them together on an interactive dashboard.

Information is power. In a world where data is cheap and abounds, extracting, organizing and interpreting it is as important as the information itself. Visualization is vital for any business that wants to take advantage of its data. With an easy to set up 3D dynamic dashboard, that can be made simple.

If picture is worth a thousand words – a 3D model is worth a million

KensoBI is an analytics platform that allows users to query, visualize and simplify data so it can be understood by anyone in an organization. KensoBI allows metrics to be linked CAD to models and displayed together on in interactive dashboard. Users can interact with 3D models to discover insights that would otherwise be lost.

KensoBI offers fully customizable dashboards that change dynamically based on user’s input allowing users to monitor processes in real-time dashboards shared securely with anyone in an organization.

KensoBI connects to major SQL databases and document databases (NoSQL). It mixes multiple data sources together on the same dashboard and even the same graph. In the real world, data is spread out across different locations. Some data collection tools provide limited control over how data is stored. KensoBI connects all data sources regardless of where it lives and what structure it has.

With KensoBI automated alerts can be set to visualizations and have them delivered to via email and can also sends notifications directly to your other apps to build fully automated workflows.

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