Intelligent Manufacturing and Inspection Software Released

Minds Mechanical has introduced Intelligent Manufacturing and Inspection (IMI), the future of precision manufacturing and metrology software solutions. IMI is a server-based, multi-tenant solution which brings all aspects of the manufacturing-metrology lifecycle under one roof.  IMI streamlines the process of uploading, sharing, inspecting, and collaborating on manufacturing and metrology data.

The multi-tenant structure of IMI automates vital communications by providing instant model revisionsand inspection transparency to designated users throughout the supply chain. OEM companies have on-demand access to the most current information regarding part production, inspection results, and project timelines. OEM design changes are instantly propagated through IMI to any designated suppliers, significantly reducing the likelihood of communication gaps. IMI revolutionizes sharing information with partnered companies by enabling businesses to quickly and easily share relevant manufacturing and inspection information while keeping sensitive data private, all from IMI’s centralized database. Collaborating on projects with other companies has never been easier or more secure.

Take control of the production process from start to finish with the user-friendly IMI website including comprehensive part, assembly, and project pages. All data is available in real time so no step is missed with instant system notifications and alerts keeping users completely informed. Everything is now in one place, from inspections and NCRs to model viewing and full project information, mitigating the hassles of the precision manufacturing process. View uploaded 3D models conveniently on the go through IMI’s browser-based portal and interactive CAD viewer with full support for mobile devices.

The powerful analytics engine of IMI uses the inspection data already collected to provide insights that can used to make a company more efficient and avoid the cost of unnecessary scrap. IMI, inspections tell you so much more than the simple binary pass/fail of a single part. Inspections are linked to specific parts, assemblies, inspection personnel, manufacturing equipment, and metrology hardware to provide specific insights and expand traceability through the manufacturing process and supply chain with unprecedented data analytics.

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