Intel Spacial Sensing Set To Change Future of 3D Imaging

Intel has begun shipping a pair of new RealSense D400 Depth Cameras for spacial sensing. The new cameras are from the next-gen Intel RealSense D400 family and include the D415 and the D435. The Intel cameras have 3D capabilities that make them ideal for OEM prototype development or as an end-user-ready device.

Intel RealSense™ technology is changing the future of 3D imaging by providing high speed stereoscopic vision in an embedded package with a large depth of field.

“Many of today’s machines and devices use 2D image recognition-based computer vision, but with Intel RealSense’s best-in-class depth technology, we are redefining future technologies to ‘see’ like a human, so devices and machines can truly enrich people’s lives,” said Sagi Ben Moshe, vice president and general manager of the RealSense Group at Intel. “With its compact, ready-to-use form, the Intel RealSense D400 Depth Camera series not only makes it easy for developers to build 3D depth sensing into any design, but they are also ready to be embedded into high-volume products.”

The D415 and D435 both have a range of computer vision uses and are appropriate for Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), robotics, and machine vision applications.

The robustness of the system makes it very versatile to cover an extensive variety of usage models for both for indoors or outdoors applications by providing sophisticated setup and calibration tools.

The core of the system, the unique Intel RealSense Vision Processor D4, uses advanced algorithms to process raw image streams from the depth cameras and computes high resolution 3D depth maps without the need for dedicated GPU or host processor. A variety of depth modules and housed camera devices provide an easy solution for rapid integration into industrial vision systems.

Intel RealSense technology supports a wide range of operating systems and programming languages. The Intel RealSense SDK enables developers to extract depth data from the camera and use the interpretation of this data in the platform of your choice, including Intel and ARM processors.

Developer tools are available in Windows OS, Linux, Mac OS, and more. The kit will also offers sample code, debug tools, and evaluation tools to accelerate implementation projects.

The RealSense Depth Module D400 Series provides a turnkey solution for any application where depth matters. Module options provide developers the best combination of power consumption, field of view, and shutter type, to optimize depth vision integration into their products.

The RealSense Vision D4 Processor D4 processes the raw image data and provides calibrated 3D depth maps without requiring any GPU or CPU resources.