Integrated Laser Distance Sensor Series Launched

High resolution laser sensors are ideal for non-contact precision measurement of distance, route and position. Advanced analysis electronics of the laser sensor calculates the exact distance to the measurement object by means of triangulation or phase shift. Compact and robust sensor design makes measuring possible in cramped conditions.

The latest LAS-T5 series of distance sensors  from WayCon Positionsmesstechnik enable reliable, reproducible measurements for factory automation.. Alongside positional measurements in industrial automation or distance measurements in quality control, the sensors are also suitable for measuring the thicknesses of various objects. Depending on the model, measuring ranges between 30 and 600 mm are available. Using the simple teach button process, the desired range can be easily adjusted.

The robust sensors are classified as Protection Class, vibration resistant and highly reliable, even in ambient light. Their strong performance is evident in the fast measurement frequency of 1 kHz (1 measured value per millisecond). The analogue output signal (4…20 mA or 0…10 V) allows connection with virtually all receiving electronics globally. The sensor is automatically recognized by measurement data collection systems like QuantumX by HBM and can be used immediately and with any chosen PC software offering “plug in & measure”.

WayCon provides the corresponding pre-assembled sensor cable with a sub-HD plug-in connector and a programmed TEDS chip which contains all the relevant sensor information. It’s possible to integrate the LAS-T5 into any desired measurement and automation systems, Waycon is paving the way for versatile, modern uses in Development and Cloud, Production and Industry 4.0 or Monitoring and Asset Management.

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