Baseline Rapid Machine Tool Verification

Insphere Ltd has announced the launch of BASELINE at the Nuclear AMRC, Sheffield, UK on March 21st. BASELINE is described as a new disruptive, rapid verification system for high value manufacturing, such as the aerospace industry, that enables machine tool health checks in less than one hour.

Insphere are a Bristol, UK-based SME with a long history of using measurement data to improve both product quality and manufacturing productivity in aerospace and other advanced manufacturing sectors. The company philosophy is deeply rooted in the principles of driving innovation using measurement data.

Insphere have created BASELINE, a system built on the need for clear, actionable data. It provides confidence in multi-stage machining processes of high-value, manufactured parts that are required to meet the tight tolerances and time-critical production demands of the aerospace industry.

The turnkey system uses existing laser tracker technology in a new innovative way. In less than one hour, BASELINE can carry out full verification and machine tool health checks to create an accurate and reliable three-dimensional picture of the machining platform and identify errors automatically. This is a significant time saving as current methods can take up to one week of planned downtime.

The system has been specifically designed to be operated without the need for metrology expertise and machine operators do not require lengthy training to run the system or interpret the results. The built-in reporting mechanism provides the insights into machine performance that allow interventions to be predictive in a way that enables Industry 4.0 philosophies to become a reality for high value manufacturers.

The last 18 months of development have been supported by the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP), a £14.4m programme to mature 40 aerospace technologies in the UK aerospace supply chain. Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) have been partners on the NATEP funded development, with Rolls-Royce as an ‘end-user’ for the BASELINE system.

Insphere have conducted large-scale trials at the Nuclear AMRC’s world-class facilities. The product development team have carried out rigorous testing of the system using the Soraluce FX12000 horizontal machining platform, capable of working on components up to 12 metres long.

BASELINE will be launched to industry professionals, potential buyers and the wider manufacturing community on March 21st at Nuclear AMRC and will also feature shop floor demonstrations of the BASELINE technology.

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