Inspection Manager Offers One Click Print Ballooning

Inspection Manager from HighQA is a quality management software comprising an integrated set of applications that encompass key aspects of quality management. Inspection Manager includes modules for inspection planning/design (APQP), customer requirements management, inspection document management, internal and supplier measurement results data collection, inspection equipment management and calibration schedule (MSA), management and tracking of inspection employees (HR) and their measurement activities, business process implementation and more; all tied together and all sharing a single repository to allow for consistent, reliable, and accessible data.

HighQA specializes in developing software to assist in the management of quality process improvement including activities related to the needs of ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, QOS, APQP, etc.

Inspection Manager offers a user-friendly contemporary and clean interface that enables users to develop, control, and deploy inspection plans, related documents, requirements, and measurement instructions throughout the enterprise. The system provides an infrastructure to standardize and structure inspection data across an entire supply chain.

Inspection Manager supplies organizations with cutting edge automation tools for digital measurement data collection. Measurement data capture engine supports simultaneous real time input from multiple machines and devices. In addition to machine data collection, Inspection Manager QMS provides breakthrough technologies that enable digital data collection for manual measurements taken on the shop floor in real time.

Inspection Manager QMS includes following key components:

  • CD (Centralized Database Server)
  • IPB (Inspection Process Builder)
  • MD (Machine Data)
  • DMC (Document Management and Control)
  • MSM (Measurement Systems Management)
  • IMX (Shop Floor Data Collection)
  • IME (Automated Shop Floor Data Collection)

One click Ballooning works with print dimensions including a full range of GD&T callouts. Powerful optical character recognition (OCR) creates a bill of characteristics/Inspection Plan.

While creating the ballooned Print, the OCR creates a text based inspection plan turning pictures (part drawing) into text. Other features include: In-process plans, revision control, traceability, gage management, renumbering and more.

Instant synchronization of CMM data or any other data with inspection plan. Create custom AS9102 or AIAG reports instantly. FAI or PPAP.

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