Inspection Arsenal LEAN Quick-Swap Inspection Fixture System Extended

Phillips Precision’s Products Division has announced a number of new components to compliment its Inspection Arsenal® LEAN, Quick-Swap inspection fixture system.

  • Corner Block for vision inspection allows complete access to the entire edge of the part without interruption. Use the pin-ball like spring feature to nudge the work-piece away from the corner block to a repeatable distance. The dock is slotted for a universal fit to most any vision stage. Simply shift in any direction to catch the hole pattern. Add more than one corner block to the stage or to Open-Sight™ fixture plates to inspect multiple parts.
  • Spanner-Vise is a two-piece vise especially designed for use on Loc-N-Load™ or other inspection fixture plates. Infinitely adjust the distance to accommodate the work piece and lock down securely. Soft jaws are standard with a milled step or can be machined to nest the work piece.
  • 3-Legged SpiderClamp is specifically designed to hold delicate round parts without distortion and allow maximum back lighting for vision inspection (also works well for CMM inspection). Designed to replace bulky traditional 3-jaw chucks which limit access and can distort parts. The Spider Vise™ is designed to hold parts from 1.18” to 6” in diameter. Each leg has adjustable pins with o-rings to provide grip when part is in place. Spider-Vise is black anodized aluminum sitting on a ¾” x 2” steel stand-off secured by a flat-head screw. Add taller stand-offs to gain more height when necessary. Available with ¼-20 and M6 mounting thread.

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